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    Hi, Robert here.

    CURRENTLY: For "those" in the know. I have crested my peak, the climb finally over, for another year. I can see light and feel its warmth. Sadness of loss reverting back to priceless memories. Angers sharp edge dulled by perspective. Numbing emptiness refilled with compassion and envy replaced by grateful.

    We do live among angels, they do their best to hide in plain site, easily avoid eyes. But their presence; actions, words and aura expose them, unable to hide from hearts.

    Thank you for sharing "YOUR" perspective and life stories.

    No island survives alone forever.


    Out there… I am a generally happy 57yo married male of 30+ years. Slipping into semi retirement currently living in NO WHERE, USA helping out the inlaws. The things we do for love and family.

    In here... I am

    CURRENTLY under CONSTRUCTION, rewrite needed, WIP

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  1. LIPS & HIPS (the curvaceous type)
  2. sizing me up first contact last contact, pay back is torture, baby.
  3. What's a "linden"? lin·den/ˈlindən/nounnoun: linden; plural noun: lindens a deciduous tree with heart-shaped leaves and fragrant yellowish blossoms, native to north temperate regions. The pale soft timber is used for carving and furniture. hmm, don't think that is what @Dach wants to trade. That's a LOT of trees for just one month sub. While here I better add a taste of Halloween to the OP's thread. TIM BURTON style
  4. Thinking about a long morning bubble bath. Making sure to get ALL the parts clean. Those on the outside and inside too. I do practice hygiene. and ALWAYS get rewarded.
  5. Raised high, soapy and so sexy.
  6. Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever (Live)
  7. Eleanor McEvoy - Precious Little
  8. I like JACK too. The many faces of JACK Jack White (1975 – Detroit, MI) Two Star Tabernacle (1997 – 1999) - Ramblin Man ft Andre Williams The White Stripes (1998 – 2011) - Icky Thump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7IwoKjMRxU - 300mph Torrential Outpour Blues The Upholsterers (2000) - Pain (Gimme Sympathy) The Raconteurs (2005 – 2011) - Steady as She goes - Old Enough (Feat. Ricky Skaggs & Ashley Monroe) The Dead Weather (2009 – 2018) - I Can’t Hear You YES, all JACK WHITE creations and collaborations. Call him what you want, but he is an ARTIST. Always creating regardless what others think. Reminding me I should care less too.
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