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  1. Norizel throws some ice cubes at Alivia.
  2. I would also have a few feature requests: - a checkbox to make one immune to random hugs/kisses from strangers (like a Do Not Disturb button, next to Run/Walk) - another checkbox to enable/disable auto pose accept while with someone, let's say in case one goes to sleep and the avatar is still partnered in game, pretty much the way it used to work after engaging with the ghosts before - a whitelist of people who can enter my room whenever they want, even if it's not open to the public - maybe allow us to put our clothes back on while in a sex pose, but this isn't all that important Enjoy!
  3. Go Go Dancer reporting for duty (after midnight) ^.^
  4. Thank you, kitty! And thank you so much everyone who helped and participated, it was so much fun! Too bad I made this post on Friday night and it just popped up now The Rainbow Club is here to stay. It won't be daily or 24/7, like I wanted, but a few nights each week. kiss <3
  5. Hello! The whole idea started when I noticed a lack of rooms for gay/bi players to find each other. I have decided to open a room where the LGBT community members can meet and make friends. Of course, it will always be open to everyone, but this is its main intended purpose. Thank you very much KatyaGKatt for building the most awesome room! I will open the room on June 17th, I would guess around noon GMT, but I plan on keeping it open as much as possible (aiming for 24/7, although it won't always be monitored). I have attached a few screenshots of the place. I will see you there to
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