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  5. Shoutout to our 3 finalists for their hard work in creating our next Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party world! Now, we need your help to vote for the winning world that will be used for the party. Head over here to vote now for a chance to win 1 x Lovense Toy of your choice and 20K XGold: https://discord.com/channels/537730036485193748/840587105775386675/990970642260197376
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  6. My view has always been that the copyright issue is slightly overblown. But if it is the reason behind not implementing certain features, maybe the way forward is to create some kind of legal framework where the player assumes legal responsibility for design content and the platform/game itself is absolved.
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  7. I don't know if there ever was something like this (been here for 3 1/2 years now). There are only conversion tools for pictures to world files. But these files get REALLY big and the quality is... meh.
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