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Graphic problem

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I installed 3dx on my laptop but as you can see on the screenshot just under, graphics are not what it should be.


My drivers are updated and my configuration is good enought to play maybe someting is missing ?


any ideas ?






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Akiko, I had the same problem on my relatively new (at the time) Acer laptop and, in my case, it related to onboard Intel graphics that were no longer supported under WIndows 10. I first noticed it in Second Life and, fortunately, someone has provided a Firestorm 32-bit version that resolved the problem but then 3DXChat did an update and the same problem occurred with it. There is nothing you can do with 3DXChat. I just don't bother to use my laptop any more for the game.

See my post here (from almost two years ago) in the original thread and I have a link to those graphics that have a problem.   


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