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  1. i understand why so much leave 3dx for other games or private servers :😗
  2. i think you can spend your time on an other game...
  3. looks like we"re some with the same problem : connection lost and non 'too many attempts" so the server in may fine but the connection to it is impossible for some of us...
  4. i tried every suggested things but still have the same problem : connection lost after entering the game and i have this problem since the last update, re-installation or admin mode don"t change anything
  5. same, connection lost every time i try to connect
  6. i tried all formats and make exception in windows firewall and antivirus but i still can upload pictures or after trying the same 20 times...
  7. thanks for the reply but my graphic cards is not intel one, it's a Nvidia Gerforce 130M... Anyway, i'll forget the laptop
  8. is there something i can do ? or my laptop is too old ?
  9. I installed 3dx on my laptop but as you can see on the screenshot just under, graphics are not what it should be. My drivers are updated and my configuration is good enought to play maybe someting is missing ? any ideas ?
  10. And still no button to stop resgistration or "freeze" your account... just delete.... you still have to go to BMT micro shitty website...
  11. hello ! I installed the game on my laptop but when i go to a room i have a pink sky and light are very bright. If i switch to night mode it"s ok i can see strars and moon. But in day modes sky is absolutely uggly and pink. got the last nvidia graphic drivers and i already play the game on this laptop but never had this issue. last thing : this laptop has been format and reinstalled. maybe something is mssing ?
  12. Look likes I have thos bug too , in the 2.0 version... my character appears in Fresco when i am in other places... https://gyazo.com/0d0ba689b36ea8cb2467e737f7fee3e2
  13. thought it was my modem or my modem but no... red box after 10 sec
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