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3 Years Anniversary Party BDSMetal Gang include 4 Years Icebox

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"In the concrete jungle we play rock'n'roll

To set us free, to loose control
In the concrete jungle we can break the walls

That hold us down and keep us small"



"We are brothers in rock, we won't let go

We got our music and we got our soul
And with sisters in rock we can change the world

If we try"




uhm we also are parrots in rock! u.u

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So the thing is

if you really wanna give a sense to the Radio feature on this game

there are three days of stunning music you really can’t miss

Oh and we have beers.. uhm oh yes and funny people! And and parrots and.. oh yes we have Dave!

So if you know Dave, tell him to come with you at the BDSMetal Gang Anniversary!

And we’ll give you an 1:1 Icebox model to be used as garden gnome!



GARDEN GNOME B) We really mus "TALK" M'am :P 

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