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The Underground Presents, A New Series ofParty Events rolling out for 2019!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 from all of us at the Underground.

We have party's planned for the whole year for all of you regulars and new patrons of the Club as well! We welcome everyone. :) 



Each Month we will be revealing our Themed party and include special Details to keep you informed what is coming up. Posters are already being made and all the events are on reserved dates and posted on BunnyBot.


We at the Underground are sooo Excited to Roll out new events for all to enjoy. :P 


So stay tuned here Folks!


Downriverden, DJ Starrfyre, Sandymini, Madame, Juliette Lead Dancer on the Fire Stage,The Chippendale Dancers, Jason and Jared,  and myself, DJ WildHoney, along with some of our VIP long time regulars are bringing you the very best in entertainment AND Music. We have five fun but simple rules. Come see for yourself. :P  :P  :D  ^_^  ^_^ 


See you there, at the UNDERGROUND! The Place to be for great music, interesting people,  and of course lots of Fun!!! *As always, Clothing Optional:) *winks* :P  ;) 

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OUR FIRST EVENT : Saturday, January 19th from 5 t0 11 pm EST.







                                                  Thank you to StarrFyre for her hard work creating this poster!!

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Last night was an amazing event and very successful! I want to personally thank all our Lady DJ's, Seamyst, Aubree, OOlisa, SherryS, Ukari and MacyVaughn. Lady's YOU ROCKED that Club and everyone in it! 



You truly TOOK OVER the UNDERGROUND and you Kicked ASS!



Also a HUGE thank you to all of the Undergound staff, and Regular patrons who supported this event and made it even better with suggestions and helps all along the way.


Also Big HUGE thank you, to Downriverden for the use of his club, and to Madame Juliette who suggested this event to begin with.

Thank you to JaredMasters and JasonWilde for coming in as Our CHIPPENDALE dancers!


And let us NOT forget our Wonderful BARE BUNNYS! They made our Event, fun, a bit naughty and Very NICE



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WE had the pleasure of having OLESYA come to film at the Underground. This is the result!









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Saturday, May 18th The Underground Presents:

MUSIC IS LIFE! A Premiere event with Five Lovely Talented Women, Called the WildCats! They will play LIVE for you.  They are: Aubree, MacyD, StarrFyre, SherryS and WildHoney!



This Great event was inspired by StarrFyre whose life and loves speak to this theme. MUSIC IS LIFE

So Join us for this amazing musical event Saturday May 18th beginning at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time. It will be one to remember as one of the best this year!




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Our next event brought to you by the UNDERGROUND, and the WildCat DJ's IS:








Mark that day on your Calendars! Saturday, July 20th beginning at 6 PM EST!

See you there!

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Tomorrow Night is BEATLEMANIA!

Yes Folks, you got that right. We are going to be having fun with the fellas that brought us the Yellow Submarine! :-)



Check it out: 






The LINE UP IS:*All times Eastern Standard Time*

SherryS, 7 to 8 PM

Wild Honey, 8 to 9 PM

StarrFyre, 9 to 10 PM

Aubree, 10 to 11 PM

MacyD, 11 to Midnite!


You will hear the men who brought you classic hits like "Yesterday", "I wanna Hold Your Hand","Let It Be" And "Something." You will also hear the artists of the group that did Solo performances and albums such as George Harrison's album, "All Things Must Pass" and other groups formed such as John Lennon with the Plastic Ono Band, Paul McCartney and Wings!




With those Crazy talented Brits, you can't go wrong. So come hear the

Wildcat Lady DJ's of the Underground and have a Great evening, dancing and socializing with us! See you there!



Note: The New Movie, "Yesterday" is a movie based on the songs of the Beatles, a Love Fest begins again for this Fabulous Fours, Great Music!

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