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Wedding of Vaughan & Brandi; their honeymoon & their other married stuff.

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You love making character judgments about other people all the time, you and your wife in the game even starting very cruel rumors about people, but if someone calls you out for the fake personality that you really are, it is just some made up lie and trolling. You have some big deep rooted problems, and another thing, try logging off forums once in a while. Cute and friendly memes and quotes can not disguise what you really are, sorry. Almost nobody is falling for it.

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The Unpleasant Fancy Fairy Fly.





What have I become now?    

Intelligent Human Being       

Lost in Hostility.  


You are wrong. I am right.  

Your point of view unimportant.

Angry, you don’t agree.


In my fog of anger,  

I justify my insults thrown. 

You’re insufferable! 


Because you say something

I don’t like and feel insulted.

Then I will call you names.


Festering my hatred.

Targeting you because I can!

On and on, zoning in.


I cuss you strongly now.

Strong, vile threats that hurt and rile you.

Revenge and payback times.


What have I become now?

In these times of internet awe,

Identities hidden!


The unacceptable,

Becoming acceptable now.

Rude and dispassionate.


An Internet troll looks

To cause mayhem and chaos and

Disruption and upset.


The more I hurt you and 

Instil your inferior state,

The more I’m in power. 


It matters not the hurt,

Or how many victims there are,

Or who’s drawn into it!


It’s just important I 

Insult you, hurt you and rile you.

To cause a reaction!


A negative one so 

I can report you to Admins!

So much Satisfaction!


What have I become now? 

The Unpleasant Fancy Fairy Fly.

Ugly and mean.  

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Our hearts continue to grow and share our love on other sites.  These are our picks of our wedding on IMVU.  


We are feeling so blessed by the support we have received from family and friends.  Thank you all so very much.


As we are aware, and now so are most, not everyone is happy about it.  But we continue to wish them love and bubbles and smiles.  May they one day find what we have.













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