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A personal vault

A place to keep my scribbles

A place to look back


Each a piece of me

Sharing Thoughts, feelings and views

For posterity


A confessional

A place to hang my burdens

Lighten my spirits


Free my heart of doubt

Free my mind of all conflict

Free myself of lies




If interested…

Come in, have a look around

But please don’t post here.


Sorry so selfish

I do not mean to offend

Just want a safe place


Send me a PM….

If you want to share comments

Or have a question.




I will begin posting... and continue posting,,, as soon as I begin gathering my scattered thoughts.  :wacko: 



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           Street Life

                             (August 8th 2016)


A Pimp and her bitch, stand side-by-side

On a corner in Achat, with nowhere to hide


Hustle n Bustle the streets are alive

Everyone there looking for a sex drive


Their eyes see candy, their crotches cry

All want the same thing, this girl so spry.


Blonde and slim with legs to her chin

They look, they drool, they give her a grin


Dressed in leather n lace with an angel's face

They all talk to her pimp, all making their case.


Gather round ALL, if you like what you see

This could be yours, this could be free


The cost for this treasure, just a short story

A tale of my "bitch" and you in your glory


No kissing, hugging, cuddling or more

That is for Lovers, she is your whore


Use her, abuse her, fill up her shrine

She can take it, this "bitch" of mine


Fill up her holes, but don't touch her mouth

That is not yours, move your cock south


Do what you want, explore your lust

She'll take you for a ride, until you bust


Make your deposits, fill her tight hole

Stick a butt plug in her and send her on home


Get me that story and make it quick

I don't want my prize to spoil, I want to lick


Give me inspiration, give me what I NEED

I have a story to write, give me my SPEED


I may be the Pimp and she my bitch

But only today, only until we switch.

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It’s my off day… I get to do whatever I like. :D 


Today I went for a long bike ride, I usually prefer running but at over 7 months Prego… biking is easier on BOTH of us. Especially on the boobles, not accustomed to being this top heavy.  :rolleyes: 


Anyway, back to the reason for this post… I tend to get distracted when I write :huh: … while riding, like running, my mind tends to drift and wander. Well, this morning it happened to bump into Andrea, who just happened to be popping into my head for a visit. An hour later… I/ WE have composed a rather naughty, lengthy poem. She has a way of doing this to me…. Digging n clawing, excavating feelings n thoughts… then compelling me to write them.  BITCH  :D 


Though I will not share the poem…. or any of the attached visual aids, :P  that’s completely up to her. I will post a “Roleplay” haiku of what I HOPE happens when she opens that “unexpected treat” sans the visual aids. :(  Sorry


YES… I'm jumping into Andrea for a moment…. Hope I can fit… not as petite as I used to be.   :lol: 




Been a long week already

and it’s only Wednesday.

My mood sucks, libido drained,

don’t even feel like posting.


But I log in anyway…

A creature of habit.

Greeted by a “ONE”

in my forum basket.


A PM from my Peaches,

I barely manage a smile.

Not because I don’t care

But because I feel vile.


But as I begin reading,

I realize there is a poem.

An unexpected treat

To welcome ME home.


By the time I’m 4 stanzas in

A hand is deep in my pants.

Not bothering to unbutton,

fingers already busy as ants.


Her words raw and unfiltered

Unafraid of her NEEDS

Spilling into my world

Taking control over ME.


Lifting my burdens,

Numbing my ego.

Swallowing my worries,

and awakening my libido.


Now 6 stanza’s in

I’vs busted a button

Palm pummeling mons

Fingertips a strutten


Caught in her frenzy

My fingers are hers,

Working their magic

along my steep curves.


So lost in the moment,

oblivious to my reality.

OMG, what a sight I am…

Looking like I gotta PEE.


Hunched over the desk,

Inches from the screen

Ass pushed back, legs wide

A hand thrust into my jeans


Fingers buried between folds,

sliding in n out of my wet slit.

Grinding my hips to desk’s edge,

pinning my palm to my hard clit


I’m fucking the desk,

I’m fucking my hand.

Past the point of caring,

It’s release that I demand.


I feel the quake building,

within the deepest places.

Fingers increase their tempo,

Keeping up with its paces.


Now… at the last stanza,

her climax is now my own.

Barely capable of focusing

as my body shudders n moans.


As I’m melting into my panties,

leaving a wet spot on my jeans.

Still embarrassingly perched,

unable to move from the screen


Welcome Home she ends,

A BIG smile comes over me.

She knows without asking,

That she changed my day.


Never underestimate what an unexpected treat can do... it's powerful mojo  :wub: 

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Fuck it…. decided to post it anyway.  :rolleyes: 

     Not the most obedient Pet  :unsure: 



Your Cooze


Bound and positioned

Straddling your Peaches face

Giving her a smile :) 


Engaging my eyes

Raking fingers through wet hair

Preparing your PET


For a new kinda ride… ;) 

Lowering yourself on me

Muffling my words


Hips begin to rock

Slowly washing over me

Leaving your slime trail


My nose…. Your rudder

Guiding you over terrain

My chin… your backstop


With each new motion

You cover more distance

And quicken your pace


Fingers grabbing hair

Pulling me into your swing

Grinding into me


Now FUCKING my face

NOT like any WOMAN would

But like a MAN can


Not tender with love

But brutally… with lust

Satisfying NEED


Friction heats my face

Excitement lubricates it

Her scent fills the air


Faster and Harder

Not just moaning but grunting

Lost in the moment


Your itch now burning

Driving you on… recklessly

Me your scratching post


Hands deep in my hair

Hips thrusting frantically

Seeking some release


Drenched in your wetness

Hidden between puffy folds

Drowning in nectar


Tongue” is all you scream

I obey and raise my plough

Cultivating you  :P 


Thrusting hard and deep

Invading your hot trenches

Adding a speed bump  ;) 


Your arc now longer….

From hooded pearl to rosebud

Exciting all nerves


I feel it in coming….

The trembling in your muscles

loss of vice control


Forcing my chin up

Opening my mouth wider

Working my stiff tongue


Thighs clamping my face

Your rocking becomes grinding

I know you are there


Sucking your climax

Fluids spraying everywhere

Coating me in warmth


Grunts and cries echo

Spams massaging my face

MY name fills the room


I wear you proudly

Upon my face, in my eyes

My smile is your joy  :wub: 



It’s more fun… BEGGiNG  forgiveness rather than asking for permission.




(Edit) oops… better give credit where it is due ;)  “Her” words, not mine. But I DO obey this Rule. :P 

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My first poem to Andrea  :wub: 

              (August 8th 2016)



Like a shooting star full of energy,

wandering through space aimlessly.


Searching for a thing unknown to me,

waiting for a feeling, someone's gravity.


Then out of nowhere as fate would be,

a faint whisper I hear through the sea.


Calling n searching for a hand to hold,

the voice I hear is humble n controlled.


Without thought or concern of hearing me pine,

I speed for this irresistible lighthouse of mine.


A cocktail of emotions swirling through me,

could two opposite forces set each other free?


Could we be friends or lovers to be?

What would we make, what chemistry?


I will be your soundboard, if you will be my art.

I want to experience everything, feel ripped apart.


I will be your lightning, if you will be my thunder,

a force like this must complement each other.


I'll be your "Knockout", you be my "Scandal",

I am the force that only you can handle.


With patience n grace, that only wisdom brings,

you focus my powers, this uncontrollable thing.


Dress me in silk, dress me in leather,

It does not matter, as long as we are together.


Dress me in latex, bind me with chain,

look deep in my eyes and tell me I'm insane.


None of that matters I am spellbound in lust,

The voice in my head commands that I must.


Your torch burns hot to light up this soul,

You are my inspiration, you are my Andi Warhol.


Listening to every word, knowing what each means,

You understand me, I am your Peaches n Cream.  :P 

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  (August 10th 2016)



You enter my room to claim your prize,
I see
FUCK in those horny hazel eyes.

You hold out your hand, a gift for me,
a silicone Strappy, a plug and a plea

Fuck me deep. Fuck me hard.
I want a bully in my play yard.

No love. No sweet talk, no words at all,
just spread me wide and give me a ball.

Enter me quickly, stretch my bouquet,
thrust deeply, take each breath away.


Pull your knees up high for me, all the way,

You know how I like to watch when I play.

Twin moons shining, your sex staring at me,
I give my girl what she wants, hearing her plea.

Look into my eyes, do not stray away.
Beg me to cum, as I tease you all day.

I see that glint, I know it's a hint.
You want it faster, now it's a sprint.

Pull my hair hard, take me by the reins,
I want to feel your lust deep in my veins.

Thrusting n grinding, scratching her itch,
riding my sweet filly, making her my bitch.  :P 

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August 11, 2016


       An Army of ONE


Unlike any Army, any other you have seen,

these possess a power which hides unseen.

Under the radar where they want it to be,

this incredible power hides and is also free.


They guard their secret faithfully and so well,

hiding in plain sight, without the slightest tell.

Wielding their weapon with grace n accuracy,

capable of a gentle caress or striking lethally.


So humble, so quite this Army of One,

lucky are we that they’re the “Chosen”.

For in the wrong hands this power I fear,

could lay waste to many, both real n near.


This weapon I speak of… there is no safe place,

no borders, no doors can keep it from our space.

Silent and weightless it moves at the speed of light,

this power cannot be stopped, it wins all the fights.


But these wondrous beings, my Army of One,

controls this gift more powerful than any gun.

Faster than bullets, more explosive than bombs,

this power I speak of was mentioned in psalms.


Not bound by race, religion, politics or time,

no security can detect it, few see it's crime.

Whether seen or heard , it does not matter,

for we are all affected by its guile n chatter.


This power I speak of, it mirrors it's master,

dwelling deep in a mind, but surfacing faster.

Only wisdom and resolve can harness such force

anything less drifts towards a dark toxic course.


Only a special few can control such a power,

can transform it from a weapon into a flower.

Turn it inside out and give it new perspective,

melt anger, judgment, hate into a calm collective.


Where are you? Where is my Army of One?

Make right what is wrong, reverse what is done.

Our world under siege by hate, greed and fear,

we need courage and hope, we need you near.


What is this power, this force I speak of,

capable of opposing forces, hate and love.

Why it is one in the same, that is it's prowess,

it all depends on its Master and it's harness.


This wondrous gift, this power they protect,

is the magic over "words" and all their effect.

With thought n passion they bring them to life,

capable of healing hearts or impaling with knife.


How do you know, who is an Army of One?

Ah, that is the trick, it is not so easily done.

They are wise, calm and quite, hiding in place.

For wielding such power takes empathy n grace.


How do you know, if YOU have what it takes,

to be this Army of One, to fix our mistakes?

That is quite easy, only a special mirror you need,

and a deep look inside to discover your true creed.



There is no greater weapon in our world than "WORDS"... spoken or written.

There is no other weapon less understood, respected or more abused.

Once spoken they can NEVER be taken back, their effects long gone.

I pray we all learn to respect this weapon and the power it wields before we one day regret it.


Thank you for reading, *hugs* :unsure: to those that like them….

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August 13, 2016


Baby's been a Bad, Bad Girl


Careful, I am, knowing what SHE could do,
but resistance is futile, deep desires too true.

Oh My Lady Andrea, "what's a Bad, Bad girl to do"?
Leaving you behind, alone, with nothing at all to do.


While your PEACHES were being plundered,
by someone other than you… I wondered.

I lick, I bite, I suck, I fuck… all without her permission,
knowing when I return, I want to offer my submission.

I know once bound, there is nothing I can do
I am now her indulgence, enduring her taboo.

There are butterflies a plenty, exhilaration n fear brew,
thoughts racing through my mind of what SHE will do


Baby's been a Bad, Bad Girl, now asking for forgiveness,
I beg my Lady Andrea, please punish me for my business.

I try so hard for you, but lack your control and fortitude,
I see, I like, then want n crave just a prisoner of my mood

I now submit to your wishes, place my deepest trust in you,
Am I worthy of your forgiveness, your mercy, or your shoe?

My gaze is now her prisoner, my voice but a whimper,
I hesitantly release the flogger, bow my head and purrr

Then I wait patiently for her instructions, obedient I am,
My Lady Andrea says "Turn over", I reply , "Yes Ma'am".

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August 21, 2016



When you care ….

When you care, change takes hold
silently, slowly, slipping inside

never again to be denied.

When you care, control is relinquished

feelings hijacked a prisoner of your heart

now just along for the ride.

When you care, worlds collide

fantasy slips into reality, feelings betray logic

emotions borne, magic witnessed

When you care, the "space between the lines" binding words
is where you both connect, nothing lost in translation.

When you care, sacrifices are gifts, pleasing is pleasure,
thoughts become touches, a "me n you" becomes "we n us"

When you care, for another more than you
your cowards become heroes, your demons ...angels
For nothing is impossible when you care

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August 28, 2016





Wish I could see it in your eyes, that simple truth that never lies.
Just a glance I would need to replace countless words, countless tries.
This is the magic of Eyes, to know in an instant without disguise,
feelings of another unfiltered n undressed. Captured by surprise.

As much as I want…i cannot see… so I must find this elsewhere in you
Your words are my eyes into your soul, without them blind as a shrew.

I soar, I fall, I hold my breath, I wait, I wish, thoughts of you in my head
Searching each word for it's meaning, for all I have of you is what is read.

I miss nothing… though I may be slow, comes to me eventually, only then I know
The feelings between the words, the message meant for me, providing all a show

If I could only see your eyes. If I could only feel your touch.
Would I know you any better? Could I possibly know as much?
These are things I often wonder, when I think of you.
Do I really make you happy or do I tend to take you blue?

I read your ICEHOUSE story, the one where you’re binding me
Although I stand there silent, I am screaming to be free
What my LADY does not know is this fear inside of me
The trust I bestow upon thee is real, I pray you hear my plea

I then read your other messages, each one in its turn
I see your excitement, expectations, then see them crash n burn.
I know I am responsible though I do no wrong, like it or not, I do
I hate how these three hours and my weekends impact you

It is now the little things, that bind my mind to you
like a cute naughty girl in this movie with her own collar and attitude too
Guess what movie I saw tonight? Where she is me and I am her if I had that view.
I look in a mirror, I see all its cracks, I recognize parts of me in this complex brew.

I am many things; good n bad, soft n hard, angry n sad, wise n ignorant, naughty n nice
Some of me I let the RL world see, I know my place, what is safe and what is vise
Other parts of me are forbidden from this world for they require such a  stiff price
So I release all of them here, with all of you, so you see me as true, not just nice.

- Peaches

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September 8, 2016


Saturday Morning Strolls



A domme and her “charge” stroll side by side,
in search of fresh meat, leaving nowhere to hide.
Prowling the streets of Achat’s Winter Square,
in hopes of finding a meal they both can share.

One dressed stylishly in black leather with red lace,
the other… just a collar, boots n grin upon her face.
Together they hunted, they would not be denied,

the hunger between legs building with each stride.

No boys, no toys, only a hard MAN would do,
this isn’t a date so don’t expect a thank you.
We will use you, abuse you, leave your sac dry,

your cock our toy until done, then it’s “bye-bye”

We’re not prowling for love, only your sex,
we got each other we only want your apex.
Give it to us deep and hard, fuck us fast,
then give us your deposits, make it a blast.

It’s your crème we want, dessert for each other.
buried deep inside our ovens mixing with another.
My Lady likes her dessert… Peaches n crème,
fed a drop at a time; lick, suck, then clean.

From one dish is her honey, from the other her spice
Her tongue in a frenzy, slurp, suck, spit. mmm, nice.
When my Lady is full and my vessels have been emptied,
then my turn to dine n savor on delicacies to be envied.

A Dom and her “charge” cuddle side by side,
changing roles while cradled in a spoon ride.
Whispers, caresses, sweet little nothings are heard,
until bodies become silent, slumber now preferred.




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September 16, 2016


Riddle Me This


Who it will be? I do not know
That I will find them… I am hopeful
Who it is? My search now over

What will it be? I can only imagine
That it will be… only karma knows
Whatever it is? I will cherish

When it will happen, I never know
That it will happen… I am certain
When it happens… I have no doubts

Where I will find it, I have not a clue
That I will find it. I know to be true
Where it is, I will remain

Why it will happen, is not for us to know
That there is a WHY, I only presume
Why does “WHY” matter?

If ALL the others are true….



- Peaches

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Today 10/10/2018


Feeling Ryleigh…..


No better feeling,

than being set free.

Not by another,

but of yourself.


Finding someone,

larger than me.

Replacing my worst.

with all of my best .


Turning a coward,

into fearless knight

Trading judgement.

for understanding.


A self-absorbed heart,

once heavy in doubt.

Now filled by another

removing all doubt.


Owners of my heart.... thank you  :wub: 


- Kait aka Peaches... now Mama Peach

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September 18, 2016 / * lightly edited 10/11/2018



My weaknesses, you know them
Within your hands you hold them
My kryptonite now belongs to you

The me you have exposed
My vault fully disclosed
I am finally understood


Not the ME, I used to be

Hidden pieces now set free
Into my mind you plundered
Forever changing my reality

When inside your chambers

Naked, vulnerable n bound

My control and power gifted

Now seems so profound


TRUST bestowed upon you

Feeling more akin to faith
Power lies in believing

Doubt it’s only wraith

Thought of being bound
Restrained and helpless
Terrifies me deep inside

Leaving me breathless


A place I cannot go
a mind not my own

Left alone creating

Monsters of my own


Yet, I let you take me

Bind me foot and hand

Make me your prisoner

My sanity in your hands



Surrendering to you

Freely, even if afraid
To get what I want

I have to be played


There is no “one”

without the other

no short cut will do


In places lines blur

from point of view

taking me to place

that I never knew


Conductor to my orchestra, director of my movie
You dig, rip n claw as you mine all my treasures
Lost in your feeding frenzy, in your own pleasures

The feelings that ravage my body, rock my mind, overwhelm me
Can only be gifted by another, completely unknown before you see
You know what I need without asking, what I can take better than me
You push me past my limits, show me there is another to set free

The effort you make, the care you take, the LOVE you show
All are essential to me while bound; my arms legs and torso
Your eyes, your words are all I have as reassurance
To suppress this monster called “Fear”, my only insurance

You leave me drained, exhausted, not a thought left to free
My mind silenced, my body trembling, my emotional apogee


- Kait aka Peaches... now Mama Peach

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For YOU, my everything...


                      Happy (official) 2nd Anniversary





My Friend, she likes me

As I am… the good n bad

Always has my back


My Lover, lusts me

My body is her temple

My sin her freedom


My Spouse, she loves me

Her forgiveness infinite

Accepts me complete


My LADY, owns me

Completely, yet I am free

Gifts to each other




A true friend, enough

A lover, more than lucky

A spouse, a dreamscape


To have one of these

Is more than many will know

Consider self, lucky


To have more than one…

A best friend as a lover?

Rare air I suspect


But to have ALL three…

A spouse, as lover and friend?

Consider self, blessed


To have more than this…

Seems beyond impossible

What else could there be?


I know that answer

I have tasted its nectar

Felt is addiction


Answer… submission

gifting someone your being

swimming in its bliss


Free of myself doubts

Free of what others will think

Safe… my nesting tree




Andrea…. we fly free of rules n expectations, messy at times but love of the other the magic prevails.



From the day you first took my hand… July 31, 2016 in a PM and then our first date  :) 


To the day you collared me….  August 27th 2016 in the Dungeons of Icehouse :P 


To the day you proposed… October 7th, 2016 while parading me around Achat’s Winter. Asking me to break your last cyber rule. :wub: 


To today, TWO years ago… October 15, 2016 becoming more than friends n lovers, taking vows in front of friends n peers… holding them till this day.




Happiest of anniversaries babe, #2… we made it thru an emotional n tumultuous sophomore year.

whew,,,, Woody (Auswoody) would be smiling. Kinda reminds me of his banner.  ;) 



“The object of the journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body….

but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting….


              Holy Shit, What a Ride !!           (misses you Mick





YOU are a unlike any other I know  :wub: 



Thank you, I love you…. all I got


Kait,  your Mama Peach

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November2, 2018  

;)  to WH.... for the inspiration.  :)



A Haiku…without my siggy juvy rhyme  :rolleyes: 


Bare knees to cold floor

Heated cock lodged in airway

Face buried in pubes


Gagging, i can’t breathe

Drooling, whimpering, tearing

I am in heaven


I give you my air

Control over my muscles

A vessel for you


Now give me your angst

Expose the monster within

Make your deposit

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November 2, 2018



Yep another one… must be TWOFOR day  :D  :lol: 




My Lady has an urge,

to see her Peach’s ripen.

By a stranger’s hard steel,

hear her slut gasp n squeal.


She wants her eye to eye,

on bed, on hand and knee.

Being taken from behind,

eyes low, arched n ass high.


Only needing her Peach’s face,

no interest in the cock as prop.

Only in those eyes n expressions,

and the cocktail soon left inside.


Hand in hand, within breaths reach,

the pounding from behind begins.

Lurching her Peaches into waiting lips,

before being pulled back for reloading.


If a painting is worth a thousand words,

those eyes… worth a thousand paintings.

Exposing every thought n feeling inside.

From yearning to reach her Lady’s lips,

to the exhilaration of being impaled.


Kait hid nothing from her addiction,

exposing unfiltered mind and spirit.

From the love that filled her heart,

to carnal sin that fueled her lust.


Until the moment they collide,

when all is stripped but essence.

Nothing lost in translation…

the body losing muscle control,

the mind losing its fight with id.


The words in those eyes…

The picture in that expression…

The music in her whimpers…

Is the heroin€ Andrea craves



When boytoy has been sent home,

her Peaches continues to simmer.

Her body still trembling n leaking,

is when Andrea will begin feasting.


Each getting what we need....  :) 

That is the power of love  ;) 

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She's not for everyone,
a unique fit to match.
But i put on her outlines,
and found my perfect catch.

So different yet the same,
our wants and needs fluid.
But put the two of us together,
we become each other’s cupid.

She's my friend, my lover, my teacher,
my Lady, my Gamer Girl, and Knight.
Showering me each morning in her words,
then reading my confessional every night.

She likes me and loves me just as i am,
All of me, not just the good but the bad.
She never leaves me with any doubt,
making sure I know her love is ironclad.

Looking back upon my words,
before my unexpected accident.
I asked my Lady Andrea a simple wish,
for just 3 words, my daily supplement.

Upon awaking from my dreamless sleep,
I discover she has left me so much more.
Every day i find an email, PM and a post,
with words of love that let my spirit soar.

You will never know how special you are,
not capable of seeing the YOU that i do.
But that's just one of the qualities i admire.
in the beautiful entity that i know as YOU.


Kait 9/25/17

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November 15, 2018


Intended or not…

Actions have consequences

That can’t be undone


Innocent or not…

Making little difference

To injured feelings


Sorries, no solace

The transgression personal

Inflicted by… friend.


Actions without thought...

Unfiltered words without heart

Dangerous weapons


Words can't be unheard

Reality... no rewind

A price must be paid.

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Spent the entire Thanksgiving holidays with family n friends… without watching or reading any outside news. Taking a respite from the relentless weariness of knowing there are so many who have little or nothing at all. Allowing myself to detach from this reality and its touch… to appreciate all the blessings in my life n recharge my mojo to go on spreading smiles another day.


MY Thanks… giving


MY world a bubble

Protecting me from struggle

My head buried deep


But reality tugs…

At the tether of my heart

Pulling me to earth


My bubble broken

The illusion exposed

Serenity gone


I live a blessed life

I am so very thankful

Try to live grateful


But know many don’t…

This gnaws at all my blessings

How can I do nothing?


I do what I can

Always try to be helpful

Donate time n things


My Thanksgiving gift….

A brief vacation from this

Celebrate blessings


Recharge my mojo

Continue helping others

Its good for the soul .

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Are you...thanky thanky ..JoJo..as a mojo..so there is something that you must all knowwww.......it is a yupyhiupy  in a dojo..so to be clear ..this is everything to spend some time with your family! pls take care always of your souls..brothers and sisters..rODIn

deleted it ^^

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November 30, 2018  -  Haiku






We have never met

Yet no one knows me better

Sees me more clearly


We have never spoken

Yet share words everyday

My confessional


We have never touched

Yet know each other’s bodies

As well as our own


We’re not exclusive

Not each other’s everything

But share in their joy


Never together

But never apart either

Always in the heart


We live in our heads

Our bodies… only vessels

Our heart makes it real

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A wonderful weekend, a magical post, filling me with emotions… taking me down Memory lane.



November 22, 2016



My offer finally accepted, only 5 months Past Due,
had to post it twice, my “offer” of a "BATH for TWO".
Maybe it was bad “TIMING”, just not the right “FIT”,
but if it feels right, follow your heart n never QUIT.

Come with me, take my hand, let’s share a TUB,
and let me show you the FUN in “RUB A DUB DUB”.
The “LUSH” bubbles rich n foamy, offer a place to HIDE,
while the soothing heated water below invites you inside.

Take off that robe, come over here and let me help YOU in,
then I will slip n slide in behind YOU and let the FUN begin.
Relax your busy MIND, close your tired eyes and take it offline,
relax your weary BODY, take a deep breath and slide into mine.

Let me wash away your worries, from your head down to your toes,
with naughty minded, slippery fingers massaging away all your woes.
Your limbs n muscles soon respond, their tension melting away,
as I whisper “Sweet little nothings” into your ear, my tongue at play

Caressing and kneading, massaging n teasing,
ten little fingers busy on a mission of pleasing.
Lathering up those hairs while massaging some head,
Kissing n licking your neck, until legs begin to spread.

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Usually don’t like double dipping when posting, but this is an exception that needs to be included in my vault. Because this is a moment I fear I had ruined… made out of reach by trying to hold on to something I loved too tightly. Suffocating the very Love, I cherished.  YES... even love can be smothered But through those emotional times we both relearned how much we loved n needed each other… and I learned too much of anything spoils. Turning special into mediocrity. A hard lesson for this Peach to learn… but trust shows me I can set love free n she always comes home to me.


July 31, 2016 Our first date

Oct 07, 2016  Andrea proposed in Achat’s Winter Square

Dec 15, 2018  Andrea proposed in 3dx’s Topless Beach Party Room


December 16, 2018



Another day to remember….


Saturday morning…

Dancing topless on the beach

Tunes by DJ Mike


We hugged, kissed and danced

Toggling between chat boxes

Mingling with others


Our chat turned to LOVE

The years we’ve been together

The countless words shared


With little warning

My LADY bent to her knee

“Marry me…. again?”


She saved up her GOLD

Counting how long it would take

Pay for our wedding


Of course, I said YES

Shouting OUT in Local chat

Wanting all to hear


Showered in petals…

Mike threw on a wedding song

All around gave cheers


Both of us speechless

Tangled up in each other

Silent in our bliss


Had our ups n downs

Just like all married couples

But true hearts prevail


Making this sweeter

A day I will remember

Thank you, Andrea




Thank you for your friendship, understanding, love and your time

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