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Hello there, you hard-working builders!
It's me again, and I got all those requests about sharing my world.
Still won't do that - but maybe I can give you something to take you one step closer to making your own awesome creations with some of my help!
Therefore I will share some objects out of my Prismarine Forest and Side-Builds that you might like and find useful.
I grouped the downloads a little, so that you can navigate a bit easier.
Furthermore i will probably add some more builds later on.
Before you go enjoying all those things I'm about to share, please let me kindly ask you of one thing;
Please don't be a dick and take the credits all for your own. I don't want you to write my name down somewhere in your world,
but please mention me if someone asks about the objects. That is the least thing you can do.
I also don't care if this gets added to the Workshop.
So without further ado, let's see what I've got to offer:


Dark Souls 3 - Buildkits:





Skyrim - Buildkits:





Dead by Daylight - Buildkits:

(did anyone notice that I'm hiding in the locker? =D )





Candles and Lanterns - Buildkits:





Edit - 09.05.2018: Last Link for the Candles and Lanterns is not clickable. Just Copy and Paste it.



Challenge to all the builders out there: It would be awesome if we could make some Roleplay-Worlds in the editor like in the real games!

How cool would it be to have some Dead by Daylight maps in the game?! Feel free to use my kits for that as well! ^-^/

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I love that game, I have spent a lot more time in it than most of my friends would. So I usually just play killer since I dont have people to play with but I do miss playing with friends

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Granit has made an awesome Dead by Daylight - map already, and I supported him by creating the locker in the first place. First I made it exclusively for him, but I thought that maybe you want to build a few things in Dead by Daylight - Style as well. The fog isn't really the problem. You just need some space and a few objects that block the direct sight from one end of the map to the other. Granit and I played a few rounds on that map already, and it was extremly fun!

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Dear Llavia!
This is really a very detailed work ! It must been hell on earth sometimes to build this all so lovely detailed!
The most awesome thing is that you are sharing this all with us !
Thank you very much !

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This is absolutely amazing. I would love to talk to you about some of your work ingame. I am known as Tsela in the game also. And again.... amazing work.

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