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☃FoA invites to "Fuck Winter! - Party"☃ 8pm UTC, 3pm EST,12pm PST


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Amazing Party!!!


We closed the room at half past 2 in the morning (CET), I guess that says it all !


The update caused a bit of trouble, as Jess designed her Gold Dust Club in the old program, but TomJM did some wizardry and managed to integrate it into the new environent in next to no time :-) Just watch the photos below and you'll see what a great job they both did.


In addition to this little problem, it seems that right now 3dx is suffering from a stream bug. However, JessUL managed to keep a permanent stream for 5 1/2 hours!!!


And thanks to our 2 streamers JessUL and Atla, we had fabulous music all night :-)


To all who partied with us last night: thanks for joining! The Fuckers Of Anarchy hope you had at least as much fun as we did!

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