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Water Planet is the new full length album from Germany's The Spacelords. Cosmic psychonauts The Spacelords return with another sortie across the wide expanse of space with an album that showcases perfectly what these guys are about. The band (Hazi Wettstein (guitar, effects), Akee Kazmaier (bass, effects) and Marcus Schnitzler (drums, soundscapes)) are one of the premier exponents of long-form psychedelic space rock and 'Water Planet', while holding no real surprises, is a pretty damned good example; 3 tracks = 40+ minutes of intergalactic wandering, rich in psychedelic goodness, some krautrock leaning motorik rhythms but all with a hard edge when needed. Once more the album is brought to us by the ace Tonzonen Records.



Opener 'Plasma Thruster' opens with some lovely spacey effects and spoken word snippets of a space launch that pretty set the scene for the album. The effects are joined by a throbbing bass line and some metronomic drumming from Marcus, but it's when Hazi's guitar joins in that things really alive - vague hints of an eastern melody and as trippy as hell. The track is robust and solid psych with overtones of stoner rock...no ethereal hazy drifting away to this. 'Metamorphosis' is heralded by a distant drone and hum before the band set to on another pangalactic trek. Initially slower and more sedate than the opener, the emphasis is more on those cosmic vibes. There is more than a hint of early, guitar based krautrock on this track that is exacerbated by another rock solid rhythm. As it meanders along its 12 or so minute length the intensity rises and it all becomes more solid whilst still retaining those telltale psych sensibilities. As with all of The Spacelords' material, there are no misplaced notes or extraneous mucking about, everything is there for a reason and that reason is to transport us on a celestial chariot of psychedelia into the unknown reaches of the universe....this track is brilliant!


Closer 'Nag Kanya, is the magnum opus of the album, clocking in at almost twenty minutes. In keeping with the title, it opens with some eastern vibes and lush drones that are mesmerising. The spiritual feel continues as the track grows and evolves at a sedate pace, the underlying drone creating a devotional aura over which Hazi's guitar traces psychedelic patterns, all backed by pulsating bass and cymbal-heavy drumming. It continues to grow and flourish, almost unnoticeably, until, at its acme, you are shaken from the reverie with some ace hard rocking heavy psych, again bordering on the stoner. Superlative stuff! They have added a harder edge that works well with their spacey, psychedelic jamming. They have retained everything that has made the previous albums so enjoyable....the jamming, the flashes of krautrock and superb musicianship...but thrown in elements of stoner rock that serve to enhance the fuzzy goodness. The Spacelords are one of the leading exponents in space rock driven psych and 'Water Planet' will only serve to affirm this.

Support The Spacelords by purchasing the album here https://thespacelords1.bandcamp.com/a...

Review from Dayz Of Purple and Orange http://dayzofpurpleandorange.blogspot...

Support The Spacelords by purchasing the album here https://thespacelords1.bandcamp.com/a...



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