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Are you called Amanda? Join the club for YOU!


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Fed up of being called 'Manda?

Do work colleagues call you Mandy?


If your name is Amanda then join the club for you!


The Amanda Club!


Dedicated to stopping Amandas being called Mandy and 'Manda or - even 'Mand!




Join our club!


Add this logo to your profile!



Only open to people called Amanda - due to low membership we will consider people with the middle name Amanda


A registered Charity. 

Write: The Amanda Club, The Shack, Love Island PO Box 101

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I would like to raise a complaint under point something point something of the game rules that this is discriminatory to all those players who were fortunate enough, through no fault of their own, not to be saddled with the name Amanda for life.


In fact AHT I would go so far as to consider setting up a rival club for 'everyone who isnt called Amanda' and we will see who has the most members :)

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Um Gizmo, since you're so visible on the forum of late any chance you could fix the post system on 3dx? It's just that The Amanda Club isn't receiving any post? We use: The Amanda Club, The Shack, Love Island PO Box 101. Thank you!

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