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Separate avi / outfits save-load option


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Please let us saving loading our avatar's face/body options separately from outfit.

When you have just dozen or couple outfits - it's not that important, but when you have like 100+ outfits - it's getting very hard to make any changes to the avi, since you'd have to either make these changes in all outfit files or redo all these outfits. 

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If they were smart they did this along with releasing cloth racks that worked like drinks where you could buy outfits for s small amount that went to host room, and just decor version of cloth rack. Then people could have some fun making a small fashion shop and stuff like that.

EDIT: Imagine it was something both people who want to sell cloth at reasonable Xgold price would enjoy, if some are good at putting together cloth style like some are building. I am sure some would enjoy just being able to buy outfit looks without having to deal with being creative and doing interesting looks themselves.

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