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Content updates vs Patches

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I think we all understand about Game Patches @Gizmo  whereby you release bug fixes to the game.

But have you ever considered having Content Updates... what I mean is mini updates to the game, simply adding all the Work in Progress that @Lisa keeps teasing us all with on Discord. 

You could even use this as a way to test that new content features actually work for us players... because I am sure that if any new content you releases doesn't work, there will be enough players to write back on this forum to complain about any bugs we find with the new content.


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I love the way MS and Asobo is doing it with the Flight Simulator. One month, there is a "World Update" (= content update), the other month will be a Sim Update (=bugfixes, improvements). And of course they have a clear roadmap...
Wish the devs would do it this way. More "small" updates, so we don't have to wait forever for the next one.

And I'm sure there are a lot of players that would beta test new updates for free and give constructive feedback.

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