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Suggestions about FFF poses

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Hello staff @Lisa @gizmo 

I noticed how FFF poses are a bit iffy sometimes.


I would suggest two fix if you like:


the first seems to be an actual bug. When top partners switch position the animation goes out of synch. It's needed to stop the poses and ask for again.



the second is the priorities in fff poses.

it's hard to understand who goes on top and whos the bottom in fff poses.

I'd suggest, when the trio of girls formed, to add a form of priority or the possibility to choose via prompt who is the bottom among the three girls.


like, you ask the pose and a prompt appears to select your personal role in the pose. Could it be done?



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On 5/24/2022 at 7:57 PM, Xizi said:

I hope they'll just add a "switch role" thing for FFF like we already have in FF. Letting you switch position with any of the remaining two partners. 

A switch role would be fantastic and would solve a lot of problems with 3-somes.

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