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  1. I have the same issue. I don't know what's happening. Since the first DDoS The game has problems after problems. Continuous Disconnections, Server unstability, and now this. I though it was something only myself had because of something happened with my Aintivirus but apparently it's not. I think admins are off at the moment and can't check forum out. I hope they will answer soon, This situatin is kind of frustrating. The strange thing is that servers appear to be online and there are people in. I have friends who're posting pics in our RP room Discord server even now. This means the server is up. And our room is UP.
  2. Hello developers! I have issues with emulation on Mac Os. My system Is a MacOSX El Capitan Its an olt 2011 MacBook I used PlayOnMac to install 64bit version but at the end it doesnt launch 3DX. I received an error message that appeared just once but I hitted "cancel" unwillingly and I couldnt take a screenshot. Anyway the game doesnt start. I know that I can set WINE to work emulating different windows systems. Can anyone help me to fix this one? Thank you.
  3. Hello Developers! Since topic is still on, after watching the new update I am very happy to see many poses and the possibility to customise your own character more than ever, and I would like to suggest you something more ofr next updates. I suggest, for example, a pose editor (i know it could be a bit complicated to implement) to create ourselves more poses to add to our gameplay, that would be incredibly hot ^^ Also, if you can add poses for FFF may be for transsexuals hehehe like for example Double Standing Penetrations, Duoble BJs, sandwiches, and so on. With a pose editor we could do of our own and share them. That would be an extraordinary boost to get new subscribers ^^ Cheers and thank you for this new update ^^
  4. Excuse me, aupport, I logged in after a week and it keeps sayn "connection lost". Is an issue on servers or it's my problem? thanks :3
  5. Touring makes me feel so happy but also so tired :D It's ahard job but someone must do it :D

  6. I think i havce some rpblems

  7. I think i havce some rpblems

  8. After 5 months, Lilli will take a little break from visrtual life. I will join just for collecting XGold once in a while. Dont worry. I will be back ASAP, cheerful and horny as fuck. Luv ya all cutiepies. MMMUUUAHH

  9. Lilliis broken. Lilli is useless. Lilli deserves no love. Just pain and anguish.

  10. Thinking about to delete Lilli.This place is not my thing. I was nice, but probablymany ppl would live better without Lilli around. - - - Credo che cancellerò Lilli. Questo posto non fa per me. E' stato bello, ma credo che molte persone starebbero meglio senza Lilli in giro. Guardatevi da chi "tanto gentil e tanto onesta pare". son quelle che vi spezzano il cuore più facilmente.

    1. Betelgeuse


      Non ti ci provare..... Lilli vive e vivrà.... non puoi nemmeno pensarlo lontanamente di cancellarti....

  11. Thinking about to delete Lilli.This place is not my thing. I was nice, but probablymany ppl would live better without Lilli around.

  12. First week off of touring.... i think a whole month until June, 2nd ;)

  13. WHOOOO these are HARD times :D... Feel kinda horny, I need some naughty break :P

  14. It's friday... friday. friday. don't break my balls.

  15. Love you Elly!!!!!! <3<3<3

    1. Ellysen


      Love you too Lilli <3

    2. LilliLollipop


      *wiggle my round butt* hahahahhaa

    3. Ellysen


      Spank Lilli's nice butt and grins ;)

  16. ohhhhh wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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