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World chat is a cesspool. Chat Mods Please?


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IF we ever going to have a volunteer WC mods there should be tight limitations to their power to avoid abusing it.

1. They should be able to impose sanctions only on people that wrote in WC, not on any avi they see.

2. Those sanctions should be limited to world chat ban.

3. They should have direct connection with devs to be able to send devs screenshots of most toxic behavior so people who are keep insulting others even after their pervious WC ban or just extra toxic (calling for violence, telling people to kill themselves irl, etc) can get a real ban, not just a chat one. But the decision about this ban should be a decision of SGD, not a moderator. 

And yes, I understand that with such little authority - there will not be much people who will want to apply on moderator position. But that's the idea. Power-hungry, ego-driven people should NOT apply to such a position. And if its the only kind of people who will want this position - better to not have moderators at all than have this kind.

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Imagine the 3DXC chat would be something like Twitter, where you can get a ban for quoting Game of Thrones ("Valar morghulis" - "All men must die") or where the then sitting President of the United States was banned. 
This is not what I think "free speech" should be. In my opinion, how Musk will handle this with Twitter in the future is the right way:
"By “free speech”, I simply mean that which matches the law.
I am against censorship that goes far beyond the law.
If people want less free speech, they will ask government to pass laws to that effect.
Therefore, going beyond the law is contrary to the will of the people."

In 3DXC we have the "report" function, the devs should just care to look at the reports. If the reported thing is against the law (or the TOS), then it should get banned. For everything else, there is the "ignore" button.

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Overall, negative WC could perhaps be seen as an unfortunate, twisted expression of real-world struggles people happen to be going through..
..and an opportunity for therapy-minded 3dx citizens to 'maybe' help those struggling to find a better path (rl & virtual) ..perhaps thought of as a gamified psychology session. 

Having said, not everyone wants or has the capacity, resources, or time to take on the task/burden to help others in need..

..therefore, nice that we have the 'Ignore' feature..
..which generally incentivizes people to be civil, or be blocked from having their negative messages received by a significant portion of the population.  If people insist on being negative and risk being ostracized & outcast, make it their problem...simply 'Ignore'.  

Extending this feature (suggestion box item):
Could perhaps have a metric whereby 'if' a certain % of population blocks someone, access to certain game features would be revoked for that blocked person.  And, to be redeemed, they would need to demonstrate some level/degree of consistent 'positive' behavior ..perhaps even allowing them to 'buy' back into the revoked features...with the funds being used to cover initial cost/admission for new 3dx citizens (a 'positivity' scholarship if you will).

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