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more customizing for character

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the size adjusting is controversial tho--- It will be super cool if I could be more slim/ short, but that also means rematching almost all animations to avoid 2 avi went through each other.

For example, if we have 3 levels of heights option, and we have about 80-100 animated poses, that means:

there will be 3x3=9 possible matches for 2 different avatars if we don't count 3some poses. then... devs got 720-900 animations to adjust... that's a huge work for only 2 devs. besides: it may causing some player made props doesn't work normally. so as long as we still just have 2 devs... I guess it's better to stay like now ><

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Would definitely like to see the penis being like the breasts. With a adjustable bar to make it smaller or bigger and more or less circumference. 

The penis here is huge and on some bodies looks really bad. For some of us would definitely like a smaller penis option.

Thank you

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