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  1. Yes! really good ideas all of them! Lets hope it will come
  2. I agree! and diffrent types of skin types that will show age etc. Let's hope for that in the futute
  3. So good ideas! And the France Bob haircut for us girls please
  4. Yes i agree It whas what i has thinking to ( like lead the way )
  5. Anyone more then me that think holding hands whit your partner, friend, husband/wife whod be nice? Both when standing, sitting and walking.
  6. I tried to look everywear wear ro delete lol
  7. Thanks you letting me know I will delete this thread then.
  8. But are not only the left icon for men? i tried to press it but nothing is happend.
  9. yes i know. but that's not what i meant!
  10. Ithink that is a good odea:) What game is that?
  11. Yes! yes! yes! Yes agree to all! and more rough when (accepting partner) as you said face salpping, and that the man can choke whit his hand / hands plus soud effects on that to.
  12. really good Ideas! They shoud liten more to us players!
  13. Really good point ther! i agree hope you had a good chrismas. Diamond
  14. I have been memeber for a week ich. And i havet seen that.
  15. Who thinks they shoud add femmales orgasm for us females? like squiting and more intense moaning, and for the eyes to roll back ( it does that on me when i reach climax ) And also that the lower back arch when we rech climax (orgasm). We shoud also get orgasm as the men do! Equality
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