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Getting disconnected often and more than acceptable

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Hi there, sorry but this is becoming really not acceptable. I got disconnected more than once a day in the last 2 months, and not for my internet issues as i have another PC working daily and never being. Had been told that the staff is working on fixing issues on servers, but it seems nothing is changed. More, in 2019 we had updates monthly (more or less), but now it seems you are not interested anymore in developing anything (last update: December 3rd with dance poses - no server issues fixed as the disconnections are going on, no new poses, no textures - and God guard us from being able to load our own textures...  - no items to customize clothes (boring and boring!!!! and more, no formal dresses added... frustrating to be kind...and ofc no possibility to make our own clothes...). What are you waiting for? Your customers are PAYING, sometimes more than one account! We are paying but on the other hand we would like no issues on servers (not getting disconnected once a day.... once a week can be acceptable even not forever, not once a day!), new customizations and something new to be done. Oh and by the way, its impossible building anything and having the game going on crash anytime we copy an item for too many ppl are online! Please, fix and make things we are paying for acceptable as this way its really not fair to pay and play a good game "occasionally" when the server is able to manage the players.

Take care

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I have stable internet, very fast at that and I still get disconnected once a day.


I doubt they are fixing anything, according to their road map they are adding new sex poses, dances and other clothing choices. no mention of optimization or stability improvements.


Plus they even claim we were to have this "huge update" since 2 or so months ago, but they are late with that as well.


Stability is the last thing on their minds it seems. 😐


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