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25 minutes ago, chloe said:

Funny that all forum trolls think they are somehow originell. But all tell the same bullshit and use the same slander again and again and again and again and again... got it? It’s soooo booooring! Booooooooooohh

All that you trolls tell about others fit to yourself. That’s why you try to lower others to feel more upper. Maybe beside that you are no men. Real men don’t need to lower others, especially women. But you trolls are no real men, just social incompatible losers. No balls, no backbones, no sincerity, no honesty, no humanity..... but just hate! 

And all you can do is to hide behind your screens. I would wonder if you could even look into somebodies else eyes. 

You destroy not only the fun of many thin skinned people but also the whole internet. 




I see more garbage has arrived.

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Also I am not hiding at all, but yes I am behind a monitor. Really difficult to do this without one. Maybe you are more skilled than I am at this internet stuff.


Either way I am male. Yes I said a male, I know that may be shocking to you chloe and Ex. I am definitely NOT a woman (you two should try saying that, it's quite liberating.) I am in my 40's. Yes I have my own apartment. technically I have two apartments, but I got legally ejected out of the last one and someone is still living there. This new one is much nicer. Hope they are paying their rent at the last one, because I'm sure not.


Let's see. No I am not bald or hairy, though I do have to admit I am about 25 lbs overweight, but not really "fat" but also not skinny either. I used to work out a lot (not anymore) so I am far from being some chubby blob. I am average height for a male at 5'9". My cock is 6-1/2 inches long (and yes I measured, and no not from the balls.)


I have a job where I work anywhere from 40 hours to 45 hours a week. I make about $65,000 a year USD. Never married and no kids. I have a dog.

Ok now your turn Ex and chloe, and remember no measuring your cocks from the balls. That's cheating.

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Which part are you laughing at chloe? The part where I say my real gender or the part where I say I have a job? Don't be jealous just because you are not able to do either. Which reminds me, how much does it pay hosting parties and streaming music on 3DX anyway? I could always use some extra income. I can do it playing as a male avatar I hope, or is it required to have a female one?

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