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Found 18 results

  1. build 363 - Redesign of the Beach location. - 2 sex poses have been added. - Home layout Save/Load from file option has been added. Fixes: - Switch the camera mode using the F5, F6, F7 keys. - You can't turn on VR mode if VR device is unplugged. - Photo Uploading with uppercase extensions has been fixed. - Sound echo has been fixed. - Standard water quality is set by default, high quality water is currently experimental for now. - Hide VR gaze pointer by Shift + Z. - Lost chat and profile window fixed, when you change resolution from high to low. - Head and Body buttons in the Character Editor have been fixed and zoom in correctly. - You can now use wall poses on the walls in the user rooms. - Furniture collisions have been disabled in Home Editor. If you have any troubles with patcher, then follow these steps please.
  2. Gizmo

    Build 413

    Dear 3DXChat Community! Even at this very difficult times, we continue to work hard to improve 3DXChat project for you. We are pleased to announce that the new build 413 has already been released! Take care of yourself and loved ones. 3DXChat team Build 413 - What's new? ✅ 2 Hairstyles ✅ 11 Dances ✅ A lot of new Poses ✅ New Clothes
  3. Hey guys, We have updated the forum software to the latest version and move the forum to a new server. Update your profiles and let's enjoy a new features. Upcoming Community Updates Downloads Share your World Editor creations Calendar Plan parties, events and grand openings Blogs Post your diaries and 3DX adventures notes Gallery Organize pics, share screenshots of the best gameplay moments Stay tuned for even more updates!
  4. hello everyone , Since we are close to xmass and im sure we all love gifts etc in this thread you can suggest what update would you love to get for this xmass from the Dev team I mean it would be very cool we get a nice update for xmass right you can also post pics if its clothes or whatever Now I wish to santa @Gizmo and santa @Lisa for a nice dress so i can wear in xmass holidays ps please use santa +ur text to keep the xmass spirit in whatever u will suggest
  5. why the adimins and devds dond do a swap role in 3somes and girl and man sex? i miss it on game, some shemales cant fuck mans, that bad (sorry for my bad eng)
  6. I recently updated my windows 10 home with may 2019 update and also got KB4507453, KB4507469, KB4507435 updates and after that, the 3dx chat (32 bit) started crashing every time. even more i am starting getting Green screen of death i am thinking it is all because anti-cheat windows block that conflicts some games. https://wccftech.com/fix-windows-10-gsod-anti-cheat/ i hope gizmo will fix the game or release patch that could not cause game to crash or even make Blue screen of death, or Green screen of death if you're member of windows insider program... i am aware gizmo said they will stop supporting 32 bit, but there are still a lot of players who prefer to play 32 bit because it's more stable... i am hoping to get help quickly as i am planning to record a video as gizmo requested, hehe...
  7. oh my GOD, new cumshot unbearable! how annoying this worm ... make a jet as it was before !!! THIS IS LOOKING WERY WERY UGLY!!! If earlier we had spraying of sperm and this did not spoil the general picture of the fact that sperm flies through the body. That is when an smooth WORM passes through a person on through ... FUCK, FULL DEGRADATION, 3DX DIES! save the 3dxchat from death! How to improve the new version of sperm? answer: 1) Correction of the angle of outgoing jet of sperm is necessary 2) prohibit passage through the body 3) make flight spray drops sperm on the area p.s. This survey shows more that people are not satisfied with the work done and quality control. Why are we talking about the past version of sperm? Because he did not look so ridiculous compared to the new. The only thing we want is more quality with updates ...
  8. Today,I downloaded the game, but I can't update to 375. Please help me.
  9. Hi guys! Here is a screenshot of the ambient lighting settings. Also in the next patch will be improved lighting and crash bug fixes.
  10. Downloading patch 375:0% I tried various methods But still unsuccessful, I hop I can Download the new version directly. please help me (sorry my english is poor)
  11. Yesterday I entered the game , cant find anyone except me. maybe something went wrong because of version. But my computer failed to download patch 375, i tried the official solution which didn't work its link"http://3dxchat.com/support/" i wonder if the developer can upload the newest version of game. pls help me. BTW, i purchased a one-month membership. One month later, will my character be delected?
  12. and the other watch has the false time. Please fix
  13. Trying to log into the game and it said there was an update. Its at step 4/5 and not moving forward. Is this just a long one or do i need to do something?
  14. I've been trying to get in to 2.0 all night but keep getting errors from the patcher saying that one of the patch files does not exist, someone please help!
  15. the club is a nice dance club... with nice new bar stools and tables which hopefully will be available for user rooms soon. but seriously it is a sexchat! no private rooms? even NC has that no toilets? same here, even NC has them no basement with bdsm content? content the community waits for eagerly, instead of NC 2.0 I assume you want us all to fuck in the middle of dancefloor. don't get me wrong, this club looks cool for a game without any sexual content. but this is 3dXchat...
  16. It has been a couple of weeks now since the patch with the new dance moves. I would like to say to the devs I have noticed a huge difference in 3DX since then. There are a lot more players logged in at any time now and most seem to be much happier and enjoying things much more than they have been. In particular the capability to now do M/F sync dancing has brought something that is bringing people together more than before. From what I understand Lisa is responsible for new animations and I would like to congratulate her on a job well done. Something I would like peoples opinions on is something that has been talked about a huge amount in the game. Group syncing or multiple people syncing. I have noticed that almost every time I am in NC I see people trying to sync with more than 2 people, trying to time when to come in. Some do succeed but it is not easy to do and if you are like me and suffer from lag it is pretty much impossible. Different ways have been discussed where the devs may be able to supply something to do this. A group dance button where people are added to a group dance similar to how people are added to a group chat. Having a clock in the game that we could try and time a start to, these are just a couple of things that have been suggested. Some want it to still be a bit of a challenge to do so and others think it should just be quick auto setup. So guys I would like to know what you think of the new dances and what you think may be able to be done to allow group syncing.
  17. Kathera

    Patch Notes

    Hey people. I was just wondering if ther could be patch notes released for each update, even when it isn't a majot one. Just would like to know what got updated/changed/fixed.
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