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Found 93 results

  1. Halo 5PM - 8PM CET Host Reddebs & AlphaWulf with DJ CandyMan let's start your night off with a boom and Party into the evening Area 51 Howlers Abduction 9PM - 1AM CET Come get yourself probed! With a fun new Venue and great Music with Host Amora & DJ Agnat https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/26-events/2020/8/
  2. ▒ THE SECRET BEACH ▒ SUMMER PARTY ▒ THIS WEDNESDAY ▒ The SECRET BEACH is back for a chill and fun party. See you all on Wednesday ❤️
  3. Lets have Fun with friends and great music
  4. I am truly beginning to hate this world so much that I deleted all 230 or so of my so called friends. Most of the people I made friends with had the tendency to ignore me, hardly ever supported me opening new rooms/worlds. And sure I expect many of you to come with excuses for what I am saying. I really don't care. I am just pissed off I can't get my 45 dollars back I put out for a year. I am beginning to hate this world so much that I will probably not renew it for 2021. I am thinking about possibly going back to -SNIP- in August or September. Not sure yet. 3DXChat's members have become a total killjoy for me personally. I am beginning to regret having even bothered with this world.
  5. Halo 3pm - 6pm CET Host Reddebs & DJ AlphaWulf with DJ Minni let's start your 4th off with a boom and Party into the evening with
  6. Dear all, I would like to inform you about the reopening of the pool, under the old format I speak about old format since any good streamer will be welcome to play at the condition to accept requests and play live Concerning requests, I will kindly ask people to requests music matching the style played, knowing that i wish every style to be played during a party to please all ears. Last but not least, the Pool will remain a non sex room, nudity is of course accepted, nevertheless, I want to avoid colders and other serial moaners to ruin the atmosphere If some of you are interested to stream, please contact me IG or here via PM. If you have other ideas to make this more fun, you are welcome to share! Hope to see you soon! Keep smiling and have fun!
  7. WEDNESDAY - 11TH MAR - 9 PM CET ▒ NEW BASEMENT ▒ WITH Zanok FrontDE and Chloe
  8. >> JUMP TO NEXT PARTY << Welcome buccaneers and pirates, I have the honor to inform you that the THUNDER will set sail again on February 19th. After its launch, it will cross the world's oceans, not to plunder and rob, but to spread fun and joy. ROAR
  9. Yeah its TRUE...! 4 years and we are always here a reason to celebrate it with a 3 days party
  10. Hello Gizmo, Lisa, hello 3dx developers I would find it helpful if we could create groups for the friends in our game friends list. A friend should be allowed to belong to several groups. It would be easier to send messages to a certain group, to invite them to a small private "party", or to simply open a room only for the members of a group. It would just help to keep our people together, such as Families, BDSM Players, Swingers, or Groups of other interrests Is this generally possible? What about the rest of the community, what do you think?
  11. Hey everyone! Yes another year passed, and it is time for me to celebrate this I will do 4 years in this crazy 3dx world Nov the 16th, and a bit more RL Nov. the 25th Everyone will be welcome to have some fun and party with me, and for once I will share my rum! Doors will open at 8:00 PM CET, Thursday Nov. 21st. It will be a new Pool Party location DJ line up and pics from the room coming soon!
  12. Polish Section of 3DXChat invites you to our Halloween Party - Polska Sexcja 3DxChat zaprasza na Halloween Party Part II - 02.11.2019 at 7.00 pm CET Live Music by LisaR Host: Koraa Come, enjoy and have fun with us Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/ReNNTkM and follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/Koraa23171356 Book your time to visit us, visit the room and have a nice time. Zarezerwuj czas aby nas odwiedzić, zwiedzić pokój i miło spędzić czas.
  13. Polish Section of 3DXChat invites you to our Halloween Party - Polska Sexcja 3DxChat zaprasza na Halloween Party Part I - 31.10.2019 at 7.00 pm CET Live Music Halloween Host: Koraa Step in and enjoy Take your friends Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/ReNNTkM and follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/Koraa23171356 Book your time to visit us, visit the room and have a nice time. Zarezerwuj czas aby nas odwiedzić, zwiedzić pokój i miło spędzić czas.
  14. It is with immense joy and happiness that we invite all friends to celebrate with us the happiest day of our lives. Our marriage,, together 3 years ago we went through countless setbacks, but love always spoke louder, our oath was and always will be fulfilled FOREVER TOGHETER, and we are pleased to share this happiness and love with all of you on Saturday, 21/09 at 9:00 PM / CET - 3:00 PM / EST, at Pleasure Girl Cathedral. The Ceremony will be held by Zhanee, and after the ceremony we will open our Room Altromondo Studios for a big party full of joy, music and socializing. We look forward to sharing our Joy with all C’est avec une joie et un bonheur immenses que nous invitons tous les amis à célébrer avec nous le plus beau jour de notre vie. Notre mariage ,, ensemble il y a 3 ans, nous avons traversé d'innombrables revers, mais l'amour a toujours parlé plus fort, notre serment a été et sera toujours respecté TOUJOURS TOGHETER, et nous sommes heureux de partager ce bonheur et cet amour avec vous le samedi 21 / 09 à 21h00 / CET - 15h00 / EST, à la cathédrale Pleasure Girl. La cérémonie sera animée par Zhanee. Après la cérémonie, nous ouvrirons nos studios Room Altromondo pour une grande fête remplie de joie, de musique et de rencontres. Nous sommes impatients de partager notre joie avec tous È con immensa gioia e felicità che invitiamo tutti gli amici a festeggiare con noi il giorno più felice della nostra vita. Il nostro matrimonio ,, insieme 3 anni fa abbiamo attraversato innumerevoli battute d'arresto, ma l'amore ha sempre parlato più forte, il nostro giuramento è stato e sarà sempre adempiuto PER SEMPRE INSIEME, e siamo lieti di condividere questa felicità e amore con tutti voi sabato, 21 / 09 alle 21:00 / CET - 3:00 PM / EST, presso la Pleasure Girl Cathedral. La cerimonia si terrà da Zhanee e dopo la cerimonia apriremo la nostra sala Altromondo Studios per una grande festa piena di gioia, musica e socializzazione. Non vediamo l'ora di condividere la nostra gioia con tutti Con inmensa alegría y felicidad invitamos a todos los amigos a celebrar con nosotros el día más feliz de nuestras vidas. Nuestro matrimonio, juntos hace 3 años pasamos por innumerables contratiempos, pero el amor siempre hablaba más fuerte, nuestro juramento se cumplió y siempre se cumplirá POR SIEMPRE JUNTOS, y nos complace compartir esta felicidad y amor con todos ustedes el sábado 21 / 09 a las 9:00 PM / CET - 3:00 PM / EST, en Pleasure Girl Cathedral. La ceremonia se llevará a cabo por Zhanee, y después de la ceremonia abriremos nuestra Sala Altromondo Studios para una gran fiesta llena de alegría, música y socialización. Esperamos compartir nuestra alegría con todos
  15. Hello everyone, I will open tonight an old room already shared, but felt like to reopen it Music will be EDM and Rock and I hope to have some more dj's on the way. If not I will make your ears bleed all night long 😛 New rooms are on their way, but I have no clue when I will finish them, so meanwhile I will resurrect some old ones Like usual, everyone is welcome!! Opening around 8PM CEST tonight Also, I will try to be more active with the website, so if you feel like to share your creations or look for some great work by builders, have a look here: https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/
  16. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 from all of us at the Underground. We have party's planned for the whole year for all of you regulars and new patrons of the Club as well! We welcome everyone. Each Month we will be revealing our Themed party and include special Details to keep you informed what is coming up. Posters are already being made and all the events are on reserved dates and posted on BunnyBot. We at the Underground are sooo Excited to Roll out new events for all to enjoy. So stay tuned here Folks! Downriverden, DJ Starrfyre, Sandymini, Madame, Juliette Lead Dancer on the Fire Stage,The Chippendale Dancers, Jason and Jared, and myself, DJ WildHoney, along with some of our VIP long time regulars are bringing you the very best in entertainment AND Music. We have five fun but simple rules. Come see for yourself. See you there, at the UNDERGROUND! The Place to be for great music, interesting people, and of course lots of Fun!!! *As always, Clothing Optional:) *winks*
  18. IT'S WITH GREAT SADNESS THAT I ANNOUNCE EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY MY RETIREMENT FROM 3DX. Due to My ongoing health issues, and My fathers illness. I must say Goodbye. Thank You for Your Friendship and Love, and I wish you all the best. If you would like to stay in contact My Discord is on My profile. I would like to thank MacyD for helping Me get My start here, and the Numerous Followers and Friends. With Much Love and Well Wishes. DJMike The Magic Man
  19. The Polish Section 3DXChat invites you to a Blues Night in the Jazz -Swing-Blues Club Are you tired of a loud discotheque? Are you looking for a place to spend the evening listening to romantic music? Let's move in time! Let's move to another dimension! Together! With pride and joy, we would love to have you join us. If you love jazz, swing or blues, you will love this place! Let's meet tonight! We start at 8pm CET
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