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Found 939 results

  1. All Hallows' Eve IV at Absolute The whispers in the dark begin... ... and her eyes widen in surprise when she realizes he has returned... again, her breath catching in her throat as his eerie voice huskily whispers in her ear, bringing a message to us all "The time has come... once more..." 'Twas the day (or two) before Halloween and all through 3DX Your fate will be met, through spell and by hex DJ Rae will be spinning, you will be possessed, Come one, come all, in your finest dress. All ghouls and ghosts, vampires and black cats, Winged creatures like fairies, angels and bats. No matter the costume, a good time is all we care, Come to Absolute, come if you dare! You will tremble with laughter and dance with delight, As we celebrate All Hollows’ Eve... it will be such a sight! Do not fear, but rejoice, your time is at hand, The stage has been set; the party been planned. To be in her good graces, bring much caffeine, And to all a fright night and Happy Halloween. Thursday, October 29, 2020 9PM EST TUNE IN. GET LOUD. ROCK ON.
  2. Time fly for sure and quite fast, been a year that we created beat foundry and enjoy our time with friends and spread that fun with all the 3Dx players, We created a lots of original events and assumed most of you enjoyed it, and after a short break we're finaly back ! this anniversary mean a lot to us and also will be the start for more events comming 🥳 \o/ So you're all invited to break that fucking game to his core, crashing or not \o/ 🥳 Ones of the finest DJs, will perform live for your ears and a hell of a fun time the night gonna be long so prepare the beers, the doliprane, and whatever necessary to handle it and some more surprises will come ! More infos will be added until the party
  3. This Sunday and every Sunday, the place to be on Sunday mornings/early afternoon is the New Club Juana! Join our DJs and relaxing atmosphere to start off your week! Check out the video and see the difference!
  4. 💋A.I.-3DX Proudly Presents💋 A Spooktacular, Spine Chilling, Goosebumps Forming, Halloween Event 🎃 (10/30/20) ~ Starting 6pm EST ( Going 6 Hours) 👻6 LIVE DJ's👻 DJ REP ~ 6 - 7Pm (est) DJ MISO ~ 7 - 8Pm (est) DJ JunBug ~ 8 - 9Pm (est) DJ MommaBear ~ 9 - 10Pm (est) DJ Demi ~ 10 - 11Pm (est) DJ CandyMan 11pm - 12am (est) 💀2 Dance Teams💀 The Sexy Otherworldly Styled Dancing BY FLAUNT💃 The Ghostly Moonlight Enchanting Dancing By Bare Bunnies👯‍♀️ AT Our Homeworld Graveyard Designed To Be Bizarrely Frightening For Your Spooky Pleasure!😉
  5. @Cinammon @Animay and one of the greatest synth bands of all time... Edited just now by Animay
  6. Absolute Concert Series Presents Special set. Special build; It's time to bring your sword and shield; To defend what you have come to feel... As the place you have called home; With a community you have known; Where the bargies rise and defend their own. The time has come, and the time has passed; The runes of fate have been cast; Nothing was ever meant to last... And here, by six, we stand; Sword and shield in hand; The time has come, our fates are planned. As the tide rises and the tide falls, for... The day returns, but nevermore Will bring the traveler to this shore. TONIGHT 10.22 STARTING AT 9PM EST TUNE IN. GET LOUD. ROCK ON.
  7. WEDNESDAY - 21TH OCT - 9 PM CEST ▒ NEW BASEMENT ▒ WITH Zanok xDevonx special guest BackFire and FrontDE DJ BackFire will present us his new single which is out since today: Maybe this is the first virtual release party ever in a sex game?
  8. Trubblemaker Skunkworks, a subsidiary of Trubblemaker Industries (bringing you the HMS Opal Star), presents the 890 JUMP: DJ Showcase and Party Boat! This is a non-regular event that happens when the Opal Star takes a break between episodic content updates. First, what is the 890 JUMP? (Name inspired by a Space Luxury Liner playable in Star Citizen) Concept: 3DX has many rooms that open regularly and with many DJs. We are now at the point where 1 hour slots are the norm and the prime hours for DJing to large crowds are filled up. What is not covered as well is the After Dark (Late/PST or later) room hours or early afternoon/morning hours (EU Timezones) for most US based DJs. With the recent shift to working at home and social distancing, this has opened up opportunities to do more of the odd hour stuff and since this wIll be a non-regular room, a potential for longer sets for those that like to create longer than an hour sets. What is the 890 Jump: It's a super yacht converted into a dance/party area with a bar and sex spots scattered through out the rest of the ship. There is some neat things to look at while there and definitely has "in-lore" connections to the Opal Star (Sky cars and space dragons just to start). Other neat things will be added with each room opening. There are two versions of the room, one is "at sea" and the other is "docked" to a mansion home so that we can change venue when desired. One major point is that the 890 Jump room is actually just a stand-in for a much larger, longer-term project from Trubblemaker Industries that will replace the room but keep the name. Where does the room come from?: This room is a heavily modified version of the Xtreme Party Island with Yacht 2.0 by Marebear found on 3DXmodz.com. It is not my build! I just heavily customized and modded it over time. Link to original build can be found here: https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/files/file/875-xtreme-party-island-with-yacht/ But Why?: It showcases DJs that we feel deserve a special moment in the sun (or moonlight in this case!) THIS WEEK (10/23 7pm ET): DJ ShowCase: DJ TRUBBLEMAKER
  9. Foxies 2nd annual halloween gig Saturday the 31st of October 3pm till 11pm Tunes by our own foxies, with Dj Talidine, Lindylou, DaariusLong, CatherineLong, DeliaNDN, Kaplan, AndreasAndi and SexyCoyote.... So come along and join us if you dare!!!
  10. The SFL - Studio Fantasy Label Family is pleased and proud to present the TOMORROWLAND Party .For the fourth consecutive year,, this year with the theme TOMORROWLAND AROUND THE WORLD - THE REFLECTION OF LOVE CHAPTER 1 - THE DIGITAL FESTIVAL. Come have fun and listen to the best of EDM with incredible DJ's, in a fantastic and futuristic Room built by Zhanee. You want fun and good music, this is your place. On the 26th and 27th of September the gates will open at 8 PM / CET - 2 PM / EST. Hostess DJ BIACAT - Line up Dj's coming soon La SFL - Studio Fantasy Label Family è lieta e orgogliosa di presentare il TOMORROWLAND Party per il quarto anno consecutivo, quest'anno con il tema TOMORROWLAND AROUND THE WORLD - THE REFLECTIO OF LOVE CHAPTER 1 - THE DIGITAL FESTIVAL. Vieni a divertirti e ascolta il meglio dell'EDM con incredibili DJ, in una fantastica e futuristica Room costruita da Zhanee. Vuoi divertimento e buona musica, questo è il tuo posto. Il 26 e 27 settembre i cancelli apriranno alle 20:00 / CET - 14:00 / EST. Hostess DJ BIACAT - Line up Dj in arrivo La SFL - Studio Fantasy Label Family est heureuse et fière de présenter la TOMORROWLAND Party pour la quatrième année consécutive, cette année sur le thème TOMORROWLAND AROUND THE WORLD - THE REFLECTIO OF LOVE CHAPITRE 1 - THE DIGITAL FESTIVAL. Venez vous amuser et écouter le meilleur de l'EDM avec des DJ incroyables, dans une salle fantastique et futuriste construite par Zhanee. Vous voulez du plaisir et de la bonne musique, c'est chez vous. Les 26 et 27 septembre, les portes ouvriront à 20 h 00 / CET - 14 h 00 / EST. Hôtesse DJ BIACAT - Line up Dj's à venir
  11. Mix Central presents Halloween Party. Spiders so big they will eat you 10pm CET/4pm EST on Sunday 25th October.
  12. MaxineJuicer & AmethystThalia Anniversary & Party! Three Years from the 9th October MaxineJuicer & AmethystThalia was Married. Joining our hands in love for Eternal and forever. This is Married is more than is expected from 3DX Chat, its also Real. Find out the truth of this necklace MaxineJuicer bought AmethystThalia in Real Life @ our Anniversary Speech. MaxineJuicer & AmethystThalia would like you to join us all in the Special occasion and listen to our speech. All Friends & Guests welcome. Ceremony is from 9pm cet - 10pm Cet Pool Party starts DJ list. Sherrie Dany JessicaX & LiliCreampie
  13. This Saturday (10th Oct), SugarDoll is bringing you the best of EDM hits in an opulent and stylish grand opening for her new club - Hustle. Expect a rotating line-up of no less than 6 of the best 3DX DJs adding their own flair to the decks. Relaxing time in its exquisite sauna and teasing rooms with sexy dancers and kinky fun. Swing by Hustle on Saturday 10th Oct @8pm GMT for a night to be remembered !
  14. A Pussy Riot night of guilty pleasures from Pina Colada to Steel Panther (and everything in between) from @Mulan @HazyRays & @danididit, our resident queens of sleaze and cheese! Bring your big hair for this one!
  15. Hey everyone! Time to make the event and finally now who will be the winner of the room! Party will start at 8PM CEST Friday Sept. 11th! Line up under construction! The winner will be announced after a live /roll at 10 PM CEST! You can still participate here : https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/online-competition Registrations are open till Wednesday Sept. 9th or when we reach 100 CONFIRMED participants. You can check the list of participants here: https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/participants If you are not one the list, you will need to pm me in game, on forum or via discord to validate your confirmation or you wont be able to enter the competition. See you and good luck to all!
  16. Area 51 Howlers Abduction 9PM - 1AM CET Come get yourself probed! With a fun new Venue and great Music with Host Agnat and Guest DJ's https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/26-events/2020/8/
  17. Minni's Fuck'in Clubhouse Wednesdays 7PM - 10PM CET Host & DJ Minni with her brand new awesome venue, Come by an check it out!!! https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/26-events/2020/8/
  18. This Wednesday (23:rd ) we are back in the garage, and we start at 8pm (cet) and play to we crash As allways its me Cecilia and Pernilla that are spinnin some great rock music for you, come over and meet your rock friends and mayby hook up with some new ones Peace & Love Cecilia and Pernilla WEDNESDAY ROCK
  19. Phoenix Rock Bar 7PM - 10PM CET Host & DJ MinniRacer Come Jump off the Phoenix with her Amazing venue and Rock Music to Party into the evening https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/26-events/2020/8/
  20. XANADU ® Party Club von AnnaParker & SvenMuc dich erwarten ----- gute abwechslungsreiche Musik gute Laune große Tanzfläche und Rückzugs-räume
  21. HALO Saturday 5PM - 8PM CET Host Reddebs & Live DJ AlphaWulf let's start your night off with a boom and Party into the evening https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/26-events/2020/8/
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