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Found 19 results

  1. Hey guys, We have updated the forum software to the latest version and move the forum to a new server. Update your profiles and let's enjoy a new features. Upcoming Community Updates Downloads Share your World Editor creations Calendar Plan parties, events and grand openings Blogs Post your diaries and 3DX adventures notes Gallery Organize pics, share screenshots of the best gameplay moments Stay tuned for even more updates!
  2. So currently in-game profiles have a pretty low word count, I think it's somewhere between 150-200. That works fine for most people but I would prefer if I had some extra space to work with. My roleplay usually consists of some strange things that I'd like my partners to know about, however, I don't just want to put it down as a bullet point. Right now I've created a readable summary of my character on my profile, but I can't style it at all since the word counter also counts any html stylings. I'm not sure if anyone else is slightly bothered by this, but I'd love for this to be increased.
  3. Hiya, I'm not sure if any of this has been mentioned but might I suggest to put a space between location and whatever we've inputted on our profile? Right now there's two options, either you start your location by writing ": Europe" so that it would read as "Location: Europe" or you use the html space code which is " ". With the html option it's written as " Europe" that way it reads as "Location Europe". I wasn't really sure where to put it so I posted it here as a suggestion~
  4. It seems to me theres confusion who is deleting topics and why. I believe Gizmo shuts them for 24 hrs and at least warns us and gives a brief explanation. I think OP's are deleting topics with no warnings, no explanations and no thought that people may have given a lot of thought and care to their replies and helped to make their topic successful. This is personally why I do not think that OP's should have that power. The topics belong to forum and if they delete on a whim, I'm not sure I want to be bothered and take part in any of the discusions any more. Why should I if its d
  5. Vaughan_Rarius

    New Forum

    Thank you for improving Forum. It does seem much better. Unfortunately I was unable to see where to post for queries to be addressed. So I opened this to ask... 1. Signatures - Are Signatures no longer allowed? They made forum very colourful before and some were very witty, wise and some downright dirty. But they were fun to see and read. If they are allowed, how do we re-add them? 2. Please do not remove the fun silly games. I appreciate that some may think they are pointless and spam but... they are a fun way to encourage members, especially new joins to post and to
  6. This topic originated in "upcoming-updates-discussion" around P30. http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/8235-upcoming-updates-discussion/page-30 Forum Moderatron has become a large discussion between members and deserved its own topic so all views, ideas and thoughts can be found easy on the subject. All views and ideas welcome. Is it a good idea for Forum members to moderate their own topics or should 3DXChat appoint their own Moderators. Of course another option is leave things as is.. (added as suggested by Kaitlin. TY Kait)
  7. I thought it would be fun to display some Signature Banners for Forum Profiles with instructions how to display them. I'll include the instructions first what to do. Then upload some Banners. Please feel free to use if you like them. ****************************************************** 1. Log into Forum. 2. Go to your Forum Profile by clicking on your name, top right and choosing “My Profile” Option. 3. Then click on “Edit my Profile” in a black box, on the right, towards the top. 4. On the Left is a menu, Click on Signature. This will lead you to your Forum Signature / Banner pag
  8. Unpleasant Fancy Fairy Fly - Fairly intelligent people who think it is acceptable to argue with another or others in public, whether anyone else wishes to hear it or not – usually not - but justify it by making new topics to fit in what they want to say to prolong their argument; bring up bad feelings from previous issues ; rarely take part in other topics except to disrupt and making it about them to yet again prolong their arguments ; and they justify it all by saying childlike... dont read my topic then (then stop making it public ffs), or saying its "free speech", (dont mix this up with
  9. Forum Challenge while servers are down (Not for regular forum posters, you been there, done it, got the T shirt but you can advise and help if needed or join in some fun forum games if you wish. Thanks) Here you are - a challenge to improve your Forum Skills 1. Make your profile interesting to look at and read. 2. Post 1 a day in 3dxChat Forum. (more if you wish) Are you up for it? See below to help you Good Luck & I look forward to reading you. Profile Instructions Forum Profile. 1. Click on your name, top right. 2. From Drop down menu, choose “My Settings” & clic
  10. Hello Mods, I am currently in the game and have two conversations about the exact same issue: Two members now waits 3 days to get a comment verified so it show up in the forum. We all know why we have that verification system (New members need to have their first 6 comments or post verified, before they become full forum members), and this system is good, it protects us from massive trolling but... Waiting three days is way to long! If you now multiply 3 days with 6 posts a new member will wait more that 2 weeks before he or she can post immediately. I think it is not to much to ask fo
  11. Hello 3dxers! Here's a silly game if you're reading this on your phone or some other mobile thing. Type a reply to this by saying "The thing I love most about 3dx is" and then hitting the middle option on auto-complete until you get a goofy sentence! I'll start: The thing I love most about 3dx is the tibialis posterior to enhance strength and range of motion in a nutshell super busy getting ready for Spring race season. hahahaha ok there you go. ♡ Caren
  12. I AM sure I may get executed for this question, sorry people. I know I have been on this site now for quite sometime, but I finally got the balls to ask this, all thought, way later then I wanted to,..lol ,and also post for this Question, but I want to re touch up my profile and have two Questions actually. 1. how the hell do I add, fix, and reformat pictures I want from the internet, to add to posts I make, on my or other peoples posts. 2. how the hell do I reformat, pictures from the internet, or ones in general , plus also add video streams, and other interesting stuff to my profil
  13. Hey all I want to write this topic to help some users to find more peace in our Forum! I hope it's some helpful to enjoy the Forum without some unwanted Status Updates, Posts and Private Messages. The Forum Ignore System works similar like the In-Game Ignore system and with them is it possible to ignore some unwanted people very easily After the disabling of the useless User-Rating Stars and with some helpful settings with the Forum Ignoring should there be no way for bullying anywhere but of course will this only work if people want it. How you can Ignore someone? On th
  14. How do I delete a topic that I no longer want to stay on the forum?
  15. I want to put a video on my profile here in the forum 3DX but do not know how to do, can anyone help me?
  16. Apologies if this has already been answered in another thread. Why is searching for personal content limited to only 1 year ago? For example, searching for my own posts yields only 65 items (as of today), when this is actually my 134th. Unless I'm mistaken, this restriction wasn't in place until very recently. Because I have used that search function to go back and check my previous content on multiple occasions. I know, first world problems... but it's still frustrating.
  17. People, how can I delete my forum account? or it's not possible???
  18. Dear friends! Our forum moved to a new domain 3dxforum.com Relogin please and enjoy communication
  19. Dear Devs, Mods *laughs* and the community. TL:DR at bottom There is something that's been bothering me for while and that's layout of this forums. Specifically Open Forums. Now let me explain bit. We have subforums dedicated to 3DX chat - these are: Read FirstAnnouncementsDevelopment & Suggestion Technical SupportEvents and ActivitiesUser Diaries And then last 3 subforums are kinda off topic. these are: Art & ImagesOpen ForumsOther Adult Games & Movies So dummy Riela what's wrong with this? Well, problem in my mind are subforums dedicated to 3DX chat. Only place were to leave
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