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  1. So we already got the tied up crops and hot pants... ehh, will there be a cowboy hat and boots in future?
  2. One of my biggest kinks is latex suits, costumes, outifts, clothes. I didn't find any thread about that... Let's do it together then
  3. It's confusing that only male avatar got their full gloves but female avatar still have to wear those sleeves at least give us a latex stocking with full feet/hand part and neck cover, that won't be hard right?
  4. I miss the possibility to save body and clothes separately so much. I have saved a lot of avatars with different outfit. When i chose to change something about my body, i need to change the same things for every saved avatar. Would be so much easier, if i could load body and clothes separately, ie "load x.body" and load "y.clothes". I hope the devs follows this forum
  5. Hey, I like socks, I think they are cute, and I was thinking if knee socks could be added to the game. Not too long but under the knee or even more hot lingerie stockings/socks. That would be awesome, my situation is that I'm running out of outfit ideas, and my fun in the game is the outfits I make. I think we need more clothes. I have made this short I hope this is something to think about. The Socks I'm thinking about are the popular 3 stripes at the top socks, or small socks, normal black socks that go under the knees. Kind Regards Maria
  6. Hello there! I believe that it would be nice to see some formal clothing with all the new options available for customization! I believe many of us would appreciate the option for a nice formal suite with options for ties and vests like the pictures bellow(Also enabling clothed sex would be a nice idea). Thank you for your time and wish you all who read good luck
  7. I would love to see similar or exactly the same things like these in the new patch! Thanks devs Female tops: New cum shoot poses:
  8. It would be great if they fix the bug of taking off our clothes when we don't want to. Fixing this would give a better experience in the game and I think it's necessary. Pictures having sex with panties and bottom wear on.
  9. I would love to have the possibility to adjust the glossyness of clothes, f.ex. the leggings, to make them not look like latex. Also, i would like an option to make clothes partly transparent, f.ex. making bra's, panties or tops semi-transparent. I hope the devs follows this forum
  10. Clothing suggestions to add in game. Tight mini skirt outifs
  11. There are too few skirts in game and we only have one that looks good, all others are the same and they looks very simple. Skirt outfits
  12. Some models of platform heels that I would like to see in the game.
  13. I would like to see more variety of clothes to wear. Considering my ultimate fetish is for turtleneck sweaters, I would love to see a variety of turtlenecks. Both cotton and ribbed. Turtlenecks that you can wear under a cable knit sweater. Chunky turtlenecks with big collars and even really big mohair and/or angora turtleneck sweaters. And perhaps some more lingerie like corsets and vintage bra, panty, garter belt sets. Thanks so much!
  14. I would like to see some amazing body paints or clothes. The first choice that I would and many others would love to see is called the "Black Tape Project" Some of the designs being tattoo or clothing to be added to 3DxChat are amazing. I have a few examples as images I feel that many users would enjoy this especially those with Kinky habits pleasing both BDSM communities and other communities. The second request is for BDSM poses. Please add more. Especially some with being bound and cuddled or bound to a chair or bound kneeling it adds to the fun and the erotica of the game. This can be done for both Male avatars and Female Avatars. My last request would be to see a variety of different walking/running animations offered to players to choose their walk type. 1) Casual - Walk/Run 2) Firm - Walk/Run 3) Loose - Walk/Run 4) All fours - Walk Number 4 you can even have an option to walk someone by partnering then choosing "Leash" them accepting and having the upright Avatars walk speed slowed with a leach in hand connected the other Avatar on the ground who is on all fours moving slowly at the same speed. Also, to make sure it reduces issues have the avatar on all fours who are leashed clicking movement disabled so they move with the main Avatar holding the leash but still have the "End" button on the side so they can stop the animation when they feel like it. P.S. Would also love to see the Leopard tattoo more diverse than orange inside the black marks which ruins the aesthetics if you're trying to use other colours. I enjoy pet play and love the tattoo as it adds to the fun but would like to see a version that allows for markings and different outer skin without having black and orange dots more so black markings with whatever colour skin and possibly a secondary colour for the Chest, Stomach, and Butt (Example picture Below). Thank you
  15. So I'm planning to make some new clothes and donate for the game since we don't get many new these year... it might take months or weeks to make, but I guess it's worth. so...which of those will you choose? I'll pick top 3 on the list to make em first also, you can always gimme some idea under this poll, and I'll see if I can make them
  16. Seeing the last update few updates, and in particular the last one who featured a big Nothing for males, I'm here once again asking to the devs to add Diversity to male's closet, it shines so so so so pale in comparison to the female Avatar's closet. There's such a difference that it's beginning to be boring to try and dress up with such little damn options. I know the female closet isnt the best either, but anyone who explored the male options. It looks like a stereotype of a guy: 3 boxers, 3 pants, 3 shirts (I know its a bit hyperbolic but you get the idea). I would love to provide help with creating and designing clothes just for the sake of having actual diversity. Lets hope the "big cloth update" makes this post irrelevant. -Food
  17. Hello dear community and @Gizmo and @Lisa So my proposition that will benefit Game and provide players more fun is to make sliders for the clothes we currently have Lemme explain what i mean ..So i was working on my animations i do outside of this game and i started creating shape keys on some clothes for the characters to either change the look of the clothes or even animate them ..then i thought that it would be cool if we were able to do the same inside game .. My idea isnt only for the character editor my idea goes a lil beyond we could have the slider on our UI to change cloth appearance while playing without the need go back to the editor . Below ill provide a example of what i did so u understand what i mean and the possibilities imagine ur in a party inside game or somewhere u click the slider and ur cloth change appearance depending the shape keys have been created for specific cloth and for every cloth we currently have . it will create many variables and make game even more excited with lots of roleplay also potential imagine u move the slider and pants go down up etc imagine ur dress same ..infinite possibilities well this is my idea hope you like it Clothes_proposition.mp4
  18. Cute face 1 - Hair Cute face 2 - Eyeglasses - Pretty please? :3 ^ This On top of this v
  19. Aliviax


    Hello i didnt knew where to start this topic anyway . Clothes are very important ,its been ages since we got some new cool clothes . we play a sex social dating 3d games but in what world this means to not have clothe option. so here i will be posting all about clothes ideas-shoes-bikinis etc we should get . doesnt have to be exact same but Gizmo u get the idea ill keep updating this thread with clothes etc
  20. So I've seen a few people wearing clothing combos I didn't think you could do/ or know how to do. For example I just recently saw a girl wearing that straps and collar dress (fifth down on left side) along with the latex pants. When I try to wear pants with any of the dresses I am unable to. Could anyone answer how this is done? I feel like it's probably easy, but I can't seem to find any info on it when I try and search it. Being able to mix clothing like this would really add to the variety of outfits.
  21. Hi everyone I decided to make this Thread and post designs im currently working and not only ..Here you can participate and eventualy get something you might like and want So in this thread ... 1) comment which design you like most ( by commenting the number of X design) 2)comment also If you like a current design but want to be a lil different and how (i would love you get something you realy want and not get random stuff 3) we all have noticed that we dont get stuff we want ...So here post designs you realy like ... and when im not in school or design for other platforms i will make your designs (please 2 pics only front and back and 1 design only per person ) So far those are my ideas ..they are WIP so vote if you like any of them so i give it more priority. (dont worry Soon ill post male stuff also so men dont worry
  22. I have just Joined recently and although I'm extremely excited about the site, and love what it has to offer..I'm also surprised to see that the dress up part is seriously lacking, as a Virtual Reality you want your Avi to Look sexy and want to dress Her/ Him up to catch attention and the choices you have are basic and the Hair options are Horrible. I'm a Veteran of other Virtual reality sites Like SL and IMVU . And it took them awhile also to get more options But they have really upped their game in the past 5 years..I only wish I could bring my Avi from over there here, what a perfect Mesh that would be..I'm not bashing this site at all..I know this is a more sexually charged place and people probably prefer to be naked but I'm sure Most would agree that More options would be a nice touch.
  23. So i realised that in Game are a few Prints for Clothes that are basically own Creations of real Brands like for example on the Caps there is the Brand with the Icon "Okey" what is basically a copy from the brand "Obey" so i´ve been wondering if it maybe would be possible to implent more of those Brands not just for hats , maybe we could use them on our shirts aswell . Like the NY symbol for hats aswell , i think some of us would love to put it on their shirt if not even on their shoes on the side . Me for example i would like to have the Icon of "Okey" on my shirt aswell and i think that it wouldn´t look to bad , maybe even implent or add a few more brands into the game like i mentioned above. But yeah i don´t know if that would be a problem with any Copyright restrictions or so . well i think i even put it in the wrong Forum section , but i had this on my chest and thought maybe more people would agree with me in adding Remade or look alike brands into the game Cheers for reading and i would like to hear other opinions on this
  24. i think it's time for some new cothing options don't you think ? i mean we have new hairstyles sure but so far the only options we have is 2 shirts, a bunch of tops that all look the same, or dresses. what i think would be great are more clothes like shirts, new tops, new pants, different shoes like sneakers (not heels), maybe even new dresses why not. just things to dress more casual or just things you'd wear in daily life, and not cowgirl tops x10, latex tops, latex pants, leather skirts etc. it's hard to costomize your avatar and not make it look like either a skank or a bdsm slave with all the latex and leather clothes. anyway it's what i'd like to see in the next update. thoughts?
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