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  1. Hey there, I'm not sure if this problem is related to same issue, but it could be! Have you tried contacting support, they seem to be responsive and actively working to fix any issues people might have. Maybe they can help you find the cause of your game not loading correctly and help with fixing the issue. I really hope they can fix the problem for you.. Are you a belgian player by any chance?
  2. I have no clue what they're even doing at this time. Support seems to be unresponsive and well I haven't heard anything related to updates/fixes from the devs in a while. I'm usually pretty patient, but this is getting a bit rediculous to say the least. Ofcourse, maybe the amount of Belgian players isn't that high and they don't consider it a big issue... I wonder if they would even have the courtesy to somehow make up for the time we lost not being able to login... After all, we all pay to be able to play this game, no?
  3. Well, I let the support team know that switching between the proxies in the game doesn't help at all. So I'm guessing it's going to take another 24 hours for them to respond now xD Not entirely sure what happened, maybe it's a change at the datacenter/server host location.
  4. Had ik al geprobeerd, maar dat leek ook niet te werken.
  5. Lijkt een goed plan, op die manier kunnen mensen spelen tot de ontwikkelaars het probleem kunnen oplossen.
  6. I don't think this topic is constructive towards the devs if people constantly argue claims made by others. I think everyone has their personal opinion about what should change and what should have changed a long time ago. So with that said I'd like to add my personal opinion on the matter aswell: Long periods of time between updates.I agree, the time between updates is long... when I started playing this game I ended up noticing the updates were frequent but not always steady. Ofcourse, a big update like this one... a complete engine renewal takes time. although I have to say that it's saddening to see there's no posts that show progress towards people. People like to stay informed about how far the update is at this point and what the current task at hand is. I think this is a two way thing... with big updates, people should show patience (even though I'm just as impatient at times), on the other hand... the developers should show more interest towards the community and keep them informed about what is going on, in more detail. User submissions of items/clothing/poses/etc...Not entirely sure who brought it up, but I agree that this kind of thing should be in place. Although I would like to add that a lot of games do not have some kind of quality control over the content that is created. What could make this better is that user created content can be viewed, and based on upvotes/downvotes can be picked to be released with a future update. That way.. users can both enjoy more diversity and the creators have a sense of satisfaction that their content made it into the game. In the end it would encourage creators to put effort in their designs, which would only make things better for everyone else. Monthly subscription vs. active development.If I'm not mistaken, there was someone who claimed that the subscription cost is high for a game that lacks updates/content. I partially agree... I believe that there should be an active communication between the developers and the users and that there should be a more obvious way to show that the developers actually think about what users are suggesting. On the other hand... the game is not just about updates and content... It's also about interaction with other people. The subscription also keeps out people actively looking to troll the community. I've come to see a lot of people who are really interesting and enrich this game very heavily.. honestly, SamanthaSweetheart is one of these people... In a way, I believe that meeting these great people is already worth more than half of the free I have to pay in order to play this game. Thank you for reading!
  7. De knop die je gebruikt om naar je profiel te gaan... als je daar op drukt dan gaat je profiel open, druk je nogmaals dan sluit die terug. Doe dit x aantal keer en plots laad je profiel terug. Maar helaas is het maar van korte duur dankzij dit netwerkprobleem.
  8. Awesome! Lisa has responded to me telling that it's best to use the Contact Support form instead of sending to her. I think the support team is where they can actually try and find a solution to this problem.
  9. If you spam the "my profile" button on the top right... you'll end up suddenly having a working profile window.
  10. Hey Manty, nope nog steeds geen oplossing voor dit probleem. Sommigen hebben support gecontacteerd en zijn in afwachting... Hopelijk wordt het probleem snel opgelost.
  11. Haha me neither... it's really ruined at this point. Somehow, at some points the connection words and lets you login.. but then it drops and as soon as you get another loading screen it would start all over again.
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