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Name and surname: Isiana Omslangr
Age: 778 years
Race: Succubus
Origin: Second circle of Hell
Work: Mistress in the Quiet Temple



Physical description: Isiana is pretty tall and slender woman, measuring 72 inches approximately. Her curves are pretty incentive, she has a big but firm chest, a wasp waist overlooking the round curves of her hips and her seductive buttocks. On her original form, she harbor a sky blue skin with no imperfection, long and smooth duke blue hair, sapphire lickerish lips, a pair of triangle ears, two longs horns and a pair of yellow predator like eyes. When she disguise herself as a human, she wear a fair skin as perfect as her original one, her hair is red and short but still lady like, her mensuration are the same, her lips are plump and red, her ears are human like and she have a pair of emerald eyes.



Mental description: Even if her demonic nature made Isiana someone who enjoy sadism and domination, she is truthfully a kind girl who try her best to preserve friendship. She prefers to avoid conflict unless someone really piss her off because she enjoy friendly talk more than useless argument. This is reflected in her desire to give pleasure over pain with her partner unless this partner does like the pain but even so, she always make sure that this person enjoy the ride and feel like being well handled so he or she come back for more. When it come to her taste she prefer women over men even if the later satiate her hunger more easily and she despise people who try to dominate her unless she gave them her permission. And for their own safety they better listen when she ask to stop cause she may suck their soul dry in resentment.



History: As of many other succubi she was born from the womb of the mother of all succubi, Lilith and when she grew aware of her own desires, she decided to live in the second circle of hell where all the carnal malefactors were punished. She fed on their everlasting pain, toyed with them to her heart content and enjoyed all the process. After decades of enjoying the torment of souls, her hunger became too big for the disembodied soul to fill and satiate her so she decided to leave her home and invade the human world where she could find innocent and fresh soul just ready for harvest.
Unfortunately, after years of hunting human energy to fill her belly, she begin to grow more and more curious about the creature she firstly saw as food until the point where she grew quite fond of them. At this moment she began to dry them but not enough for them to meet death, fulfilling their unspoked desires and draining some of their life force, she was quite pleased to see that most of her lover came back willingly in her embrace to enjoy another night. From a cold blooded demon, she began to be a more loving succubi and started to truly care for her mates. For a little more than a century, Isiana lived alongside the human and regretted their short lifespan, especially for a few of her partners who managed to reach her heart.
After the death of the last companion close to her heart, she decided to move and change city to start a new life.


Ps : Forgive me for my english, since it's not my native langage i'm sure there is quite some mistakes.

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