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  1. Thank you very much! Actually not at all. Im from the middle of Germany. Just the way of living in the GDR is fascinating to me! The 80s in the GDR are more like the 60s in most other countries.
  2. Thank you very much! Sure! There you go:
  3. Hey everyone! So i decided to show my latest work about Trains. The original idea came to me almost 1 1/2 Years ago, but i pushed myself just recently to completely overhaul everything and bring it up to my current building standard. My idea was, to build a industrial styled World, with old Factories and Brick buildings. I figured that a few freight wagons were just fitting for the environment. But as i progressed in my World, i thought that there should also be a Locomotive to pull and shunt the wagons. So i set myself the goal of building a steam engine, because that would be the most fitting engine type for that world. The thing about steam engines is: They have A TON OF STUFF ON THEM a busy look... Driving gear. Bodywork. Cab view. (At that point i was fed up with building so much small scale levers and gauges. So i kept it rather simple.) And there she is!! Locomotive No.: 69. A complete replica of a random Google imagines steam engine! Next up was remodeling my already present Freight wagons. Because having such a detailed Loco pulling simple boxes would not be up to the task anymore. At that point i also decided to have my world set in the GDR (former East-Germany) in 1986. So a before and after with my coal wagons: A before and after with my flatbeds: And finally a before and after with my boxcars: (Little history lesson: Instead of having a brakevan or a caboose, German Trains had little elevated sheds on some wagons, were brakemen helped the train to stop. The heavier the train, more brakes were manned.) So that's all folks! I hope you enjoyed my work! Thank you for reading and have a good Day! Ps: Stay safe around Trains!
  4. Im very much in love with that idea! Keep it going!!
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