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  1. Hello. I'm sorry right away if I make mistakes in words, because English is not my native language. My in-game nickname - VampGirl Contribution for the contest is Russian Ghetto. This place is not taken from real world, it is completely fictional. I used the style of russian buildings. This map is not sunny, i maked it for night's and mainly cloudy's settings And not beautiful, rather gloomy. I wanted to convey the atmosphere of a gloomy and gray street, where you can admire only working lamps... well, or nature. Nevertheless, it's a big map with a lot of places, ways, secret places and etc.. any way is connected with another way and going somewhere you can return another way there are several levels on the street: (roofs) (houses, floors) (ground) (sewer, basements) let's get started: - A few general images with night and mainly cloudy weather: - 3 multi-storey houses with 6 and 9 floors. (house numbers 11, 14 and 17) each multi-storey house includes a entrances, stairs, basements, appartments and roofs all roofs are open and people can get out to the roof.(also all roofs connected by wires that can possibly withstand a light person if you walk through it, and this is one of the ways to move between houses) house number 17 have a 10 residential apartments, house number 14 - 2 90% appartments are empty(only walls) - Garages. some of them are open but besides an old sofa or a dirty mattress it's hard to find something there near garages we can see how someone roasts meat or warms.. - Playground. Perhaps this is the most beautiful place here, but someone has already left a beer bottle in the sandbox.. - Sewer. Here, you always need to look under your feet so as not to fall into an open hatch, you can end up in the sewer.. but here you can move from one point to another using this (by going to one point, you can go to another place) But definitely someone is spending the night here because it is warm and there is no cold wind ... - Factory. Part of this factory is abandoned because of an accident, many people have lost their jobs and have long since moved away from here. But the smoke from the chimneys still goes on at night, it looks like they are doing something illegal there. - Police station. This is the only place where workers are required. The light is always on here. - Gas station. it doesn’t work, but someone just lives there. Anyway, when driving along the road, people sometimes stop here to go to the restroom.. - Road, taxi, bas stop. Buses stopped running here for a long time (taxi only) - Church and Cemetry. Just the place where the dead are buried... sometimes people visit this place to put a bouquet of flowers on the long-overgrown grave of their relatives, friends or dance on the enemy's grave. - House in the hills. Maybe some company of people wants to spend the night.. but the telephone and internet connection does not work here. - Beach. Few people come here summer and at night there is no one here all the more. - Lighthouse. The loneliest place. only the lighthouse keeper lives here. The job is to make it work and don't get crazy with loneliness... Still one... Credits. it's maked 100% by me. Map size = 1.6 mb (i spend a lot of time to optimize it) Also i maked on the map some things for creative use of the animation triggers. i'll send .world file with other screens. Becouse in the game everything looks more interesting than on the screenshots. Thanks for watching.
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