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  1. Greetings,creatures Somebody know me,somebody not,so i will introduce myself My name is Dunaxar the dragon of rage I arrived in this world to find out how many creatures live here among humans If you are interested,then tell me about yourself
  2. In the end,oblivion will overtake us all As i can see,this human was dear to other creatures,also he was a creator and maybe warrior,so.... *sticks sword in the ground* Let your soul become one with eternity
  3. Hmm....this world still have good creators,maybe i will enter this world sometime,but now other worlds need me
  4. A way to relax or become stronger *puts his headphones on*
  5. Someone called me?Here i am! Greetings,everyone The next will be one of the dragons
  6. I appreciate all magical creatures in this world
  7. Hmm.....interesting The evolution of this world is very slow,but i will support you,builder But I don't believe it will work
  8. Sorry,dragon brother,i will take this place,because new ones are too weak for this place Greetings,creatures Next one will be Susan Louisa
  9. I hate you,creatures But i will help you this time I will try to make this world better for my princess
  10. Hmm....interesting Well *spreads his wings* Greetings to all creatures in this world! Next will be Anong
  11. Well well,what i got here?One immortal knight,i'm so sad that i can't visit your place.....good for you,night My fight is not over yet *grabs his blade and walks away*
  12. The riot has began I will support you,because i don't wanna see the death of this world I hope we can win this battle
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