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  1. You know Lounea i'm not surprised by 3dx, after all update we have all time a problem with a new bug, but relax & all go comeback soon, i hope
  2. Un bug lounea moi aussi sa bug totalement.
  3. Congrats but the profile look system is broken
  4. Yeah maybe... but i don't have the time for search who is the problem, i have look about desactive my antivirus during some minutes it's the same don't work, but for the moment i go use vpn... because i don't want to lose my times about that.
  5. I have found a solution and i don't know what i need to use a VPN now with 3dxchat, but it's like that, i have take the free trial for now, maybe 3dx, go fix that i go see in the week for retry without vpn. For people blocked with the same problem use that https://zenvpn.net/en/and click on ''try it for free'', for the moment it's only the solution found by me.
  6. Actually it's the same for me, don't change than yesterday... Yeah 3d !
  7. I have reinstall the game too just five minutes past but nothing is back... but tomorrow it's a other day maybe i can go connect
  8. I can't make a connection to 3DXCHAT, just five minutes and connection lost and now the message is ''Could not connect to the server'' other people have this problem now ?
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-SMsNfODpc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1JYvI-RbD4 Hello guys, me, my name is Sarah, when I talk with you, I caress you I like to touch your thighs, I'm here to put at ease
  10. Great thank for people come during the first opening and thank DJ BIACAT for make the fire during the evening with your awesome music.
  11. The New Gypsies - Bandidos ft. Sofiane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-SMsNfODpc
  12. Final Version of Marina Atlantide is done & wait for you for the GRAND OPENING tomorrow. Thank BIA for me help me, and give a feminine touch to my new project.
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