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  1. Hera you are my sweet love<3

  2. Like i said... With great power comes great responsibilities!!!!
  3. With great power comes great responsibilities!!!
  4. Marco

    A story...

    all of the sudden a dark shadow appear from the darkness of the entrance of BDSM... exhausted and drenching wet from getting hes bat back from the abyss of the ocean, Marco makes hes way in. Looking around seeing Vigi ready with his sword at hand, Bran n Siin at the bar and Loki running through the exit behind behind Marco... The creature keeps growling loudly when...
  5. This one is for you Beautiful<3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGoWtY_h4xo
  6. YEAH kiss me Vigi!!!
  7. Marco

    Party Time

    Sisters at the "PINKY" party:)
  8. Haha it was a one night only.... what a night:)
  9. Since we are seeing her in colors:)
  10. Prettier?? i really doubt that... look at your billion dollar butt!
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