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  1. 1. JohnIM 2. Patap Oh c'mon they both are nice dudes 🥺 I vote for both of them 😄 ArtyBoy since November 2016
  2. It so snowy and cold.. -15 degrees, and snow still falling ;(
  3. Vote for Donald.... . / / / / / Donald Duck
  4. I thought that Trump will not be a president... And still think it's not for Donald...
  5. American tell me please, who is leading now?
  6. ArtyBoy

    Say Hello!

    Hi all My friend from 3DchatHouse said me about this game and I decide to try it. I joined the night before yesterday and still new here I tried this game twice and I don't like it yet... But I hope I'll like it later, and could have some fun and meet new friends Oh, and sorry, my English is not well, but I do my best
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