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  1.  Hi moderators 3DX Chat! 

    Once again the group called OFF GANG bothering me and my friends here ... this group is already overreacting, although I ignore them, other clones, will bother me and my friends,

     it doesn't matter, it seems like the game allows this kind of annoyance, until when? people complain about them, especially what they say BOSS WARNING! 

     which strangely went from a few gifts to more than 5000! all alts fakes! how long will it last?

    Whenever I am in public, someone from the OFF GANG group comes and annoys me, and whoever is with me, what is the solution if you ignore him is not working if he has several clones?

     So if you don't have a solution, should my friends and I cancel the subscription to the Game? Please see what this group is doing with 3DX!

    Thanks again, I'm sorry that the 3DX FR community does little to help here, unfortunately.





    1. zigzag


      Hi Coeurdange as you know by now they won't do anything about this group of people me and my friends are also returning to the game we came from because of this group we are rarely on 3dx now and when our subscriptions run out we wont renew.



    2. Coeurdange


      Hello Zigzag, yes, unfortunately since this group arrived at 3DX Chat, many things happening and for the worse here, I have just over 3 years of 3DX, I stopped and came back a few times, but with the arrival of this WARNING and its clones, alts Fakes ., etc ... in short, a lot of annoyance on their part, and it seems that the moderators can do little, what is visible in the WARNIG profile would be a reason for banning.
      I don't know what is good here anymore, to stay in private so as not to be disturbed even if I ignore them? until when? I still expect a response from the moderators.
      Thanks for sharing.
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