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  1. Once again I am blocked in the game and this time I really see that it is a case of chase. I did a two-day Tomorrowland event this Saturday 26 and Sunday 27, in those two days I didn't post anything in the world chat or about my party and I didn't even speak to anyone in the world chat, On the contrary we had people in the room spamming in private message to the people who were in my room. Well in summary if I was blocked I want to be shown what was the spam I did in the world chat or I will look for my rights so that this has an end. You are radical with certain things, but with those who open rooms of rape and pedophilia you do nothing. So please, I want you to unlock me or show me what I did wrong. If it is necessary to look for a lawyer I will do it because I am not full of this thing already. Paid to play and not to be blocked for no reason

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