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My time in 3dx

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#1 sathanas87



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Posted 23 August 2017 - 06:18 AM

Hello all, 


Tonight, i'd like to share some final thoughts before I leave the game. First and foremost, I wanted to say thank to all those I called a friend in the past year and a half I played this game. You guys made it something truly amazing. 


However, over much thought, emotion, and consideration. I have decided to leave 3dxchat. 

Here are the reasons:

1. The game has many bugs, which has been brought up time and time again to the developers, to no avail. Personally, I have had the sky bug since 2.5 came out, amongst many others. This issue was brought up to the devs, Gizmo even commented on it. Alas, nothing has been done. Not even a status update. 


2. The price. Paying $20 dollars a month for something that is considered a "beta" seems a little much. Especially since the customers never seem to get frequent updates and what they will be getting next for their money. 


3. Lack of interest from the devs. This could be just me, but the devs of this game seem to put minimal effort into a game that could otherwise be the crown jewel of the porn gaming industry. Seems there is pages upon pages of suggestions, ideas, and otherwise helpful things, though the developers seem to not care. Maybe this is just my perspective. 


Anyways, I know a lot of this has been said many of times before, but I wanted to make clear why I was leaving this game to others. To Gizmo and Lisa, you guys have a truly amazing game here and I thank you for all your hard work into it thus far. Please treat it as such. I hope my words will not fall upon deaf ears. Again, thank you all who read this, and most importantly, thanks to all my friends on the game. I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart. sunbathing.png

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#2 Cordelia


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Posted 23 August 2017 - 07:59 AM

I agree with you on everything and I am leaving when my annual sub expires for many of the same reasons but  I would like to say...

On your point 1, I don't know if there is anything they can do. Prior to 3dxchat having a problem, Second Life users with certain graphics (and relatively modern) have had to use a special version (of the FireStorm viewer) due to lack of support from the manufacturer. I have to on my laptop and I am pretty certain that the 3dxchat problem is associated with that so it may be unresolvable (I can't see them bothering with a special version like FS produced).

#3 Anaganda


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Posted 23 August 2017 - 08:05 AM

Take care Sathanas... I agree with you on every word.

I do believe that your case is not the first and wont be the last... bugs that don't seem to get fixed, servers instabilities... lack of real new content that justifies our stay and our continued money payment, except from some stuff that's lego'd together from old stuff just to keep our mouths closed.

And yeah I can't blame anyone who says that the devs don't care, we don't need to look any further than last weekend's servers crash that lasted for like 7 hours with no words from any dev or anything even after it was fixed... any respectable company that respects their clients would have been on it, would have made their clients aware that they are aware of the problem and give them an ETA, rather than keeping them guessing... and would have even issued some kind of compensation for such inconvenience... but those didn't even say a word.


They don't realize that they are losing loyal customers... yeah they still have customers... yeah we are still here, but that's because there's no other option with comparable quality... if they didn't get their shit together, the second another choice presents it self they will watch their game empty and it will be too late to do anything by then.

#4 ~SBM~


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Posted 23 August 2017 - 07:08 PM

Sorry to see you leave sathanas87. I agree with your points and actually quit for a week but i'm back now. The friendships that I made was what changed my mind. Getting to know people from all over the world, and interacting with them made my stay in 3dx much better. There is still drama and bugs in the beta program, but I can overlook those things because the friendships are more important. I wish you the best!

#5 Twiggy


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Posted 23 August 2017 - 09:38 PM

I have tried to think of something in real life that 3DXChat and it's problems could be compared to, for like something with the same problems.

Best I can come up with is a really nice looking holiday resort/caravan park.

In this resort they have advertising that show all the nice features, gardens, beaches and nice buildings which atract lots of people.

You get offered discounts for booking your site for longer periods of time and many take that up.

At 1st you dismiss what appears to be a lack of attention to things like the pool filters not working properly and the door locks to your room often won't let you in.

You make some good friends with some really cool people but also notice there are a lot of people in the place that just don't seem to care about what they do and how it effects others in the resort.

After some time you start to question why there always seems to be floaties in the pool, barbaques are always not cleaned, the food on the menu is always just the same few things and the wait for it is getting redicously long.

There is a festival in a near by town and everyone goes to it, we all get back late evening just to find the gates to the main entrance aren't letting us in.

We wait and wait for hours but the owner is asleep and has not set up anything like a bell to let him know when this happens, after several hours he finally wakes and opens the gate.

Many of the customers then find that the security locks to their lots and rooms have been effected to and are still not able to get into things properly.

People start to question why there seems to be such a lack of staff, that the owner and his wife seem to be trying to do the lot.

You also notice that although they seem very capable of doing all the tasks, mostly none of them get done and they are hardly ever seen or heard from.

They have a suggestion box near their office that is overflowing with suggestions and you wake up that the box never gets looked at.

You go in the entertainment room and find some nice new games on computers where you are let believe new staff had been employed and made all those games, you get impressed and think finally, more staff, now things may start to get done.

Later you find out the games were actually copied from a resort down the road and the new staff was just a lie.

You get really frustrated with the place, you have put your caravan their and have lots of friends that you want to keep seeing, but the floaties in the pool, the never cleaned bbqs, the bad maintenance and everything else that has been complained about so many times just never seems to get addressed.

Then one day you look around and think about how rich the owners must be getting, they are making all this money and where normally a portion of it gets put back into the business to make things better for their customers, they just don't seem to be prepared to do that.

You hook up your caravan, say goodbye to all your friends and think poor buggas to all the new people you see coming in as you drive out.

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#6 RobPathfinder


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Posted 25 August 2017 - 05:39 AM

This sucks.. My turn fuck the staff of the resort, certain places and people here go beyond the norm to make it fun. Discovering new thing new tools to make a better room, a better party area a better everything, shit I have gone as far as hooking up people that want to DJ to actual experts or normal users of DJ equipment, no that joke in Fresco ($1 mic). Encourage people that want to present their music to get the fuck up there and show what they can do. So when you return Sath, look me up, we are gonna party. 

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#7 lisafelicia


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Posted 28 August 2017 - 01:35 PM

i can relate

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#8 Henkie


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Posted 31 August 2017 - 07:35 AM

Au revoir, mon ami.

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