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Guest Lillyme

Happy Birthday MinervaX

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Guest Lillyme

I haz had reports back from my most intrepid explorers...who have sought the great mysteries of the world...the location of Atlantis...the secrets of the pyramids...the end of the string...that sort of thing...



...yes...that’s them...and they have told me...a secret of great importance...

Today...it’s Mistress Mina’s Birthday!!

...and I promise I won’t say how old Mistress of course...just...if we gonna use all that wax before you blow your candles out...then...i’ll just have to be a brave girl :D :D

Ahem...anyway...I’d like to invite everyone who knows her to join me and wish her a very happy birthday...you all know she’s one of the smartest...funniest...and simply loveliest people here. A true and sincere friend to those that deserve it...a kind and patient listener to all who need it...a lovelyhead in so many ways she deserves all the happiness we can bring her.

I’m incredibly proud and lucky to call her my Mistress...my lover...my best friend...my partner in crime...my counsellor at times lol...and a million things besides. Now the rest of what I have to say is not for public broadcast *giggles* so I better stop there...

Happy birthday my Love...hope you have a wonderful day



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Ohhh my love.... My precious... sweet... perfect... beautiful little one. I adore you. The best birthday gift... ever... the best present.... is your love.


I love you so much! You make me cry all happy!





Thank you to all lovelies that wish me a happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday Mina! I wish you a most wonderful and memorable day, full of smiles and laughter and those happy tears!




You are one of the loveliest, most caring, faithful and respectable friends I have. I hope this day makes you feel even half the appreciation you deserve.


Lilly, your initial post was totes adorable (have we learned to expect anything else from our precious Doll?) and I echo its sentiments wholeheartedly


Hugs and kisses to you both ^_^

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