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I wish for a picture of...

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Image result for mothers true love - art

Was going to post a screen shot of Andrea n I… my love for her true

But what could be more pure, true or unconditional than that of a Mother's LOVE for her child. Willing to sacrifice all .


As for me… getting into the Halloween spirit so I wish for a picture of Trick or Treating.



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psst Tracy,  you need to provide a pic of what the previous poster asked for.

3 hours ago, ☙𝔼𝕩❧ said:

I wish for a picture of Summer

So you find a pic of summer for her.

Then you make a wish for the pic you want.

Hint:  If you read the very first post, on the first page of a topic - it explains to you how to play.

So  Ex -  here is your Summer pic



For Tracy -  Here's some snowfall



I wish for a picture of       Bonfire Night


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