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Ideas to expand existing locations

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Someone once said these threads are just a placebo for the community to keep their dreams alive and I didn't want to admit that at the time...but honestly...nearly three years on and what have we actually seen?


Nailed it. 

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Hey all, I joined 3dx not too long ago and had an idea that id really like to see in the game. In either the nightclubs or similar location it would be really awesome to add a glory hole location where people can either give or receive.

Hope people agree it would be cool to see in the game and fairly easy to make happen.xxx

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Having visited the Saloon, I'd say that spot could be utilized better.


Perhaps a Romantic bathhouse, or a Bodello. Perhaps a unique adult area that sex scripts to only this property exist initialy?


Come on 3DXChat. You got a good thing going.

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"Emptiness" That's  kinda rude, Yes i agree the new area is beautiful but is practically empty, and that's because that kind of places.. medieval, western, pirate, office/library... are more focused in a "enviroment roleplay" Western in this case...wich i'm not sure, among the about 400 current players with active subscription, how many would like to participate and be in the area...


Besides, to make a good "western ropleyay", it woul need a "full package western update" and that would mean a lot of more time... that Most the players would not apreciate... -_- 


Would mean To keep building more houses of diferent things.. barber, whorehouse, cantinabar, bank, hotel, and so... to make a westen enviroment "Red Dead Redemption" game style



And a complete western wardrobe, 1800-1920 shirts and dresses, texas Hats, Boots, belts, pistols...




It would be beautiful, But Honestly.. is a big (ass) piece of work ... :P and like i said before.."it may be a wroong way idea"... to much time and ppl here just like to "troll down and fucking off", and would not apreciate an update to roleplay western

I like it and i would be there by sure, but i think we need to give priority to previois requst... :) 

Kiss... ^_^ 

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This should be expanded to include a wild west bank with the ability to put coins in a vault,A Wild West Jail with two or five cells as well as a chief desk,A General Store with a ability to buy Wild West Clothes as well as accessories to use the coins, a Wild West brothel that has four or five rooms that can be rented out, and finally,A big Saloon with a Bartender NPC to buy wild west drinks.



This one should be expanded to add a fleet of ships. Like Sail, Pirate, Battleship, Aircraft carrier, and etc.... Or Make it into a Dock without connected to the land where the ships are roped to the dock. I think it should have a Captain NPC


Love Island:

This one should have a line of small islands. It needs a Volcano island, and etc....this one as so need NPCs (Non Played Character or NPC)


Sin Club:

Make it bigger and a stripper Island in the middle as well as a Bigger Bar with choose of different drinks like Gin, Rum, Wine (Red or White), a screwer, and etc..and a back stage room where the stripper can change outfits.


The other two clubs only need different drink options,and NPC Bartender.


Apartments 1 and 2:

Need more areas to purchase with coins, like a Kitchen, Fitness room, bedrooms, bathrooms,and lofts......only in Apartment 1 do you need the option to buy the beach access which adds a staircase to the beach.


That's all I can think of.....



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1st Question: For example, I have Access Table name ABC as Destination Table Name, but below code does not insert data into existing table, instead, it creates a new table ABC1 . If I run the same program second time, it creates another table ABC2 , and so on .....


How to not create new table? I would like to add data to existing table ABC .



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well most obvious places could be:


Working office inside skyscraper

School class room

city park

a Bus, or a bus stop

Metro Station/ metro Train...

hospital ward 

Police station


dressing room

massage room

aqua park :D

amusement park :D


I am thinking about some fantasy or sci-fi places like:


Jungle with waterfalls

a cave full of rocks, bats, precious stones, gold, diamonds, trolleys, mineral mines, water and cool rainbow light effects of  diamond reflections etc...

islands that levitating in the air

the MOON


Some kind of space station or space ship

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how about you start by shutting the saloon down....theres nobody there anyway...useless add.


after that you might think about doing the same to some other locations to gather peeps in one area...and do something to the clubs...sins are like 5 years old...have you done anything to it?

I bet if you spend some time at all....not that Im saying your lazy....not adding anything sins mars or something like that...if you spend some time you your game you might actually know what peeps that play it want.

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