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DJAsh, Loving You, Love Island Special #3


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Hey folks it's that time again! It is time for my third instalment of DJAsh, Loving You, Love Island Special!


I am surprised we are on the third instalment already! Time is flying by. Soon it will be Christmas! Hehe.


So like always this night is a love themed night for all the newly weds, couples, great friends, partners etc... All to come on by and spend time dancing together under the moonlight of the Love Island.


I am going to do something slightly different. I'm asking if you guys want to hear a song be played in my set for this event please post the suggestion here, preferrably just the title and artist rather than videos as I can search my Content Unlimited Library for the requested song at a good quality level! But make sure it fits in with the theme!


The event will commence Sunday 20th September @ 00:00 GMT+1 (UK Time) which is 7pm EST Saturday 19th. Hope to see you all there! :D Will be lovely as always and to save a huge influx of requests that I had last time hehe. :D So post them all here in this thread and I'll be sure to put them in my set if I have enough time to. See you all there!


Kind Regards


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I love this event!! Went to the first one and it was amazing! Me and Olena will be there :) So if you could add CELINE DION- My Heart Will Go On and I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith to your Playlist that would be great! :P


Thanks a bunch Ash!


~Arisa Kat

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