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Is it time to consider changing to Unreal engine with Unity changes for creators?


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41 minutes ago, Lunarelf said:

well... giz sais it's okay so...... let's see how it goes? Maybe he have his way to solve this

I hope so one fear could just be if any developers abandon unity now new pricing will stretch out onto other developers to cover for their loses in revenue due to the bad decision making. But guess we would have to wait and see.

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I was particularly scared about the comments I saw in the youtube video...

You install the game... a fee is charged... you notice an anomaly, de-install and re-install again... another fee is charged.

Sometimes people install and re-install several times, mainly due to connection issues originated by ISP, firewall, country regulations, streaming problems... whatever...

I would understand if the charge was based on IP address, not multiple installations on the same device.

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Think the bomb would potentially be the per install, assuming you meet the criteria. Which I imagine 3dxchat would if it has a revenue per 12 month over 200000, since the second one is per lifetime install the 200000, which would likely mean user installs since the beginning of 3dxchat. Seem to the per install they also count in betas for the pricing gouging which essentially would include stuff like beta tests for new version from what I understood, those are likely not counting forward the lifetime installs but who knows since it seems really obscure at this point.

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I'm expecting them to revert that pricing decision. So many things to consider, like installs of different platforms, reinstalls and all that.

So many indie game companies will get screwed too, and that's the worse part. 

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