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Respectfully and quietly Working with my 6th grade wardrobe

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Good day family,

I will preface this post with saying that I am proud to consider myself a card carrying member this all inclusive insanely loving and protective group of amazing people. Additionally  am more than happy to assist in the development and put in the hours weeks and months if needed. If anyone is a fashion professional please feel free to pick this apart just be constructive as this  is not a research article just my thoughts and the only broken part of 3dx imo. As a follow up to that loaded statement  I will say that the most popular and timeless Mens basics are extremely simple and we dont have them . Basics are anything Paul Walker RIP wore in a movie plain single color Men's clothing. As far as basics there are 6 collar types V-neck no explanation needed. Crew-neck or an unstretched circular opening. also there is a scoop witch is stretched but still a circle. Before we get to the collars we cannot forget the most iconic lonely, insanely unpopular but cool AF the turtle-neck  for the night out we have a standard collar that can be warn with necktie and many variations thereof, but you nailed the one that we have hats off to that creator along with the polo its a little short but doesn't quite show navel And for the ultra-formal black-tie event we need the Spread or tuxedo collar for the 00 agents. lastly the preacher Bruce Lee or mandarin collar. popular in all countries in the east. This is your standard button up collared shirt just don't sew on the collar. these are the standards the mainstays the classics. Jeans we need straight leg tapered, boot cut, skinny (ultra tapered) and oversized we will go down the rabbit hole if we try to identify the many types of oversized or skinny sag or sweatpants flood. the two games that come to mind that display personal flair with the classics and doesn't get out of hand is the SKATE series and THPS series. Although they had brand deals actual skate companies being a skate kid it wasn't cool to rock brands anyways, so it was more for promo. Plus why not do a design aesthetic with lovense that is not "lovense" just spit balling here. Ok so pants or trousers come in a few staples a work pant like dickies or police EMT type two styles but basic canvas straight leg HARD starched crease in uniform slightly oversized. For movement. cool cuff style khaki again nailed on first attempt by the devs but highwater only, let a cuff out. After all of this is said the way a man is judged in absolutely every scenario is shoes. this one is easy Tennis show rebock classic white kinda running Newbalance looking soccer/futball Gazelle adidas or Onitsuka Tiger type Asics. tiny sole small on the foot. skate show there is 2 types Nike SB/Osiris ettnies and the classic VANS. Basketball you have 3 types Js  Jordans current basketball shoe , classic Jordans or throwbacks limited release Js airforce one style. and last but not least CHUCK TAYLOR TYTYTY for at least the lowtop. what would spice up the shoes is sell fatlaces its so 90s but what this all getting to is self image. ok moving on loafer the boat shoe that we have can be used as a loafer if it has a leather sole and without the same color matched soft sole of the topsider type. ex fix. Dress or formal laced there is a wingtip kindof an italian toe and a Chukka looking almost wallaby with tassels we have tassels but dont have vans. Its not a slight its dope but not as a very limited option choice. Oxford a plain oxford or VANS with different colored panels would keep us busy for a year. even bowling shoes style clarks type shoes. This all goes back to how we feel while playing and it puts a limit to how much we can truly enjoy the experience.  I know that new iterations of the game have many things that you have to think about but what is good for the overall replay value is there if people can get keeping us coming back. Well i think that culturally we need to keep the current culture   its on the edge of Men especially hurtfully peacocking because we are forced to be a different version of the next due to limited ways of visual expression beyond the obvious. You can do what I did and express myself in the world builder that's an option. Most common is the BBFF or the Big Black FUTA Fish the common horrible practice witch is to project fantasies and catfish as a Female FUTA BBC or all 3 to become part of other less saturated therefore more niche and desirable part of the hookup pool. And simply rely on a completely fabricated visual lie (loaded I know) leaving others feelings and identities in your wake. This all because we dont step out feeling like we can confidently perform the hardest role in any dating society. That is of course being part of the overwhelming majority.  But BBC should not be the only option nor an identity for the taking  its a fun thought but  we cant pay xgold for an inch or two or shouldn't be however in this game it is literally the only unique identity that exists there are tattoos clothing shirts rooms etc BBC. besides national origin placing US GER FR etc.. It is hard to feel like yourself if there are no options to look like yourself and if you don't feel like yourself you wont have an avatar experience you will just be acting as someone else. instead of an extension of your perceived self. I will NOT be taking the impossible task of breaking down the races but I dont have one haircut but i can have a tail not a big deal i go full Kaepernick and wear an Afro to express that part  instead of joining a bbc group or "becoming a spade bull"it is a culture in kink and i know this is respectfully a huge deal for some. Additionally i know that this is asking a lot and we will get creative with what we have however. (RANT. . . kinda) Ok newest fashion item added to our closet is a Henley collar  type of Shortsleeve drawstring zero button WITH A HOOD I truly do not mean to insult when i said 6th grade because that's what we wore in 6th grade  no 20 -30 year old would wear that on a quest to getting laid (succesfully) the whole reason for logging on sometimes. Oh and i can also chose a halter top  a halter top thats cool and thoughtful inclusive and creative but but no standard crew-neck tshirt? Sometimes i wonder if this Im in a cruel social experiment I can get all white socks sock but all white shoes not a chance. and was excited to see the new patterns but nothing that i could see putting on the new Shortsleeve hoodie for example.  and if we could put the hood up maybe but still no. This is as important to men  I hope as it is to a woman we just dont call it vanity and it is taken for granted and truly feel like weve been slept on.   So lets take me for example I am not a Fashionista but I am not a fashion blogger or someone that has been professionally trained in a conventional sense i am a 30+ year old Black American/Japanese built like and was Offensive tackle. Skater surfer DJ geek mans man im just saying dont forget about us.. The reason i say these things is for others to possibly see themselves in my past experience not because its "the way to be" just ME So I grew up with my father and a little brother and my father founded and sold  a custom formal wear business that catered to professional athletes big tall out of range to do rtw so as a young kid  the Lakers and the LA Rams at the time were big clients of his. In the house there was both a push to express your self but always look way you want doing it. and of course that's not possible an a laundry list of hilarious fails. In the end my childhood created a fashion "aware" man.  Im not fashion forward but not afraid to wear a turtle neck.My history with 3dx is  I found you in the pandemic and want to say thank you for social interaction during that trying time. I hope we can work together again will volunteer my time for the sake of the community. I'm  15 years into a finance career but if you want someone to join your team Covid changed me make me an offer. Social interaction has changed forever Gen X&Y will be the first retiring class of the Oregon trail Era and i cant wait and hope that NSFW  XXX Rated and Unsafe dangerous pornographic are words that will change to simply Adult 18+ because once you are in your twenties you should not give in to societal hangups you should embrace enjoy and express yourself as an adult however you see fit with consenting adults. I Love the community and all of the insane work that in this industry is simply peerless. Not another experience comes close to what you have built here collectively allowing player builds and wow amazing. and if this goes in the trash thanks for reading good luck and Godspeed. .... fuck its hard to be PC

P.S. Cigars and scotch are a homerun.

Carpe Diem 

DrMontelbon 3dxchat


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