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Building a room with no player names visible


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Moreover, that doesn't work in build 439.

And this new behaviour ruins the game in my room. The name marks exactly where the player is and makes the hide&seek game ridiculous.

@Gizmo Could you tell please, what's the reason to change the names visibility?


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On 9/4/2022 at 2:22 AM, PeerDE said:

the same happened for my  rooms, I can't share these rooms, with "no names" build, this is very annoying !!!

@Gizmowhen will this problem be fixed ? or is there any way to fix this in the WE ?

What we have been doing was using a glitch to make the names not appear and now its been removed. I would hope they can find a way to add this into the builder tools.

Also, being able to fix the world-lighting so its not adjustable like some of the default worlds would be a cool feature.

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