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Monday Medication


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Fixing to start building the mayhem for this coming Monday January 12th. If ya'll have tunes you want to hear LOUD enough to off yer granny just let me know ;) Stay metal Freaks and Sinners!!!! \m/\m/

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Well, Im runnin' abit late today Freak Legion so sadly Im gonna be abit lazy and lacking on my fb update. But dont think I wont be spankin hard and often tonight starting at 10 pm EST at SIN CLUB!!!! You wanna get yer Primal on!!! \m/\m/



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I promised to let ya'll know what was happening with my show being bumped by TRA on the 19th and I like to think I'm a man of my word. I spoke with the TRA station manager and what is happening is instead of Monday January 19th from my regular timeslot, Ill be spinning Saturday January 17th from 10pm EST until 2 am EST.


So a four hour show as opposed to a 3 for that one specific date.


I'll be getting in touch with 3dx DJ crew to make sure I can lock that in to do it at SIN as per usual, and barring any scheduling issues we'll rip it and crush it just like usual. If for some reason we cant get hooked into SIN, Ill happily open one of my homes and send out invites to anyone and everyone. Big Love \m/\m/


Stay Metal

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I haven't as of yet managed to get in touch with Achilles so what Im going to do tonight starting at 10 pm EST and going until about 2 am is open up my own home and pack all of you SInners and Primates into confined space for some good old ass kicking!! Hope to see ya'll there, lets don our black and get those horns HIGHHHHHHHH all Saturday night! \m/\m/

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