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Found 41 results

  1. Welcome to the Opal Star hosted by AmyTrubblemaker and brought to you by Trubblemaker Industries. All your futuristic needs brought here today! The Opal Star is a massive Luxury Star Cruiser that roams the galaxy throwing party after party, not only in multiple parts of the Luxury Liner (which includes pool/swim parties, Nightclubs and Ballroom dance halls, etc) but many places to explore for all your "love" needs such as massage rooms, medical examination rooms, guest quarters, crew cabins and decks, reactors rooms, shuttle bay, private cozy view-ports into space, public washrooms, hot-tubs and the massive dual arboretum bubbles where parties are also held. Walk in a park and have a picnic while in orbit around the nearest planet! Sometimes, on occasion, the Opal Star visits space stations as well as other worlds as well! Don't forget to check out where ship operations are handled on the Bridge - Command Center where the CrewBots manage operations and meet the the A.I. that controls the ship: A.I.M.I.E. (Artificial Intelligence Matrix Interactive Envoy) often heard of the ship P.A. but sometimes showing up as a hologram in her own special alcove! All brought you by the talented and special @AmyTrubblemaker The Opal Star opens Every Friday at 7pm ET with a monthly break in between for refits! We have Live DJs every week including the Captain of the ship, AmyTrubblemaker, DJing as DJ Trubblemaker and other special guest DJs as well! This week: September 25th, 7pm ET, The Opal Star Returns to Earth! The Opal Star celebrates her first year anniversary of her Maiden Voyage! Come celebrate with us! "Welcome to the Opal Star! Love! Dance! Explore! and thank you for travelling with us!"
  2. Come See our new Rage with Live DJ Vlad in the mix in his new amazing venue BlackOut!! https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/26-events/2020/8/
  3. Promyscira! This Sunday, August 16th from 400-1800 US EST/10-2400 CEST. Promyscira is my new island home with plenty of room to party, relax and enjoy with friends. Explore the many hidden places on the island - swim with the sharks, dolphins or even with the turtles. Music provided by 7 DJs throughout the 14 hour event - Katka, XXXBruno, Perrie, Silvie Sun, Tonny D, Frosty Pookie, and the Huntress!
  4. Saturday August 8 th: Your dance party on a saturday evening is back again! With SFL Dj's Stef DE, Dyllan D, Silvie Sun, Biacat, Zhanee and Dolcinakill in the mixxx! Live on stage the Sunshinegirls Don't miss it! Doors open 20.00 H CET
  5. Studio Fantasy Label proudly presents the Dance EDM Night the SFL ArenA. Doors open at 20.00 H CET DJ's Stef DE, ZhaNee, Silvie Sun, Laeticat, Biacat en Dolcinakill will play there EDM for you. All welcome!
  6. Belem Tower/LXFactory 1pm - 4pm CET - Host and DJ Padme with her famous buildings from Lisbon, Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon and her Mixed genre of Pop & Rock, dance, chill and enjoy 3 days aweek HunnyPot R & B Club 4pm - 8pm CET Host & DJ MochaHunny with her own mix of R & B to entertain you and chill with her new venue in the Afternoon. Be different once in a while Pixie's Birthday House Party 12:00pm EST to 10:00pm EST Fri 6pm - 4am Cet Fri. Guest DJ''s MochaHunny & TrinityCutter, Sinful Synergy Dance Team, lots of different areas and fun to enjoy, Dungeon, Bedrooms, Jacuzzi, Rest Area on The Roof, and other fun areas located in the Highrise apartment. ROCKIN RICK'S - 9PM - 1AM EST(FRI)3AM CET (SAT) HOST & LIVE DJ ROCKINRICK WITH 4 HRS OF ROCK AND REQUESTS FOR YOU, NEW CLUB AND LOTS OF FUN FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT Want to see all our party's? https://twitter.com/DavinaS_3dx, https://3dxclubsevents.wordpress.com/category/events/, https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/19-events/2020/7/ Double D Stream plus other 3DX DJ's can also be found here, http://eln.atwebpages.com/listentostreams.html https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/forum/63-general-forum/ https://3dxevents.neocities.org/
  7. Guest

    Dark Reflections

    † There doesn’t seem to be anything like this here yet, so - join me - embrace the beauty of the darkness - the romance of the night - the dance of the macabre. Anything gothic †
  8. Lisbon at Midnight/LXFactory 1pm - 4pm CET - Host and DJ Padme with her famous buildings from Lisbon, Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon and her Mixed genre of Pop & Rock, dance, chill and enjoy 3 days aweek May the 4th be with you 8pm - 1am CET - Joint event with Chloe & Arran DJ's Arran, Terryscrew, Vos, JessicaX & Lexzia So come celebrate Star Wars Day
  9. Summer Beach House Saturday Dance. Saturday April 18, room opens 21.00 H CET, A friendly event at the beach with the SFL DJ's CarlaLove, Emom and TheBestJoe. All welcome!! (C) A Studio Fantasy Label Member Event
  10. Studio Fantasy Label cordially invites you all to the two-day Spring Breakers Ibiza 2020 event. In two beautiful rooms, The Ark on friday April 3 th, and The Pacha Club on saturday April 4 th. With special performances by the BareBunnies. Both rooms wil open at 20.00 H CET A really sunny spring event with great EDM dance music, (soulful) deep house, trance by the best SFL DJs. Welcome all !! And don't miss it !!
  11. Wulf's Den - 10am - 1pm CET Host AlphaWulf with Guest DJ's playing a mix of Rock & Pop to start your day Sweets Island 1pm - 4pm Hosts CET Kim & Kev with DJ Kim giving us Pop, Rock & Oldies in her own mix Ultra Violet - 1am - 5am CET (sat morning) Host Willow with Guest DJ's giving us a Rock & Pop mix Satins Roadhouse - 5am - 9am CET (sat Morning) Host SatinMoon dancing the late night/early morning away with her mix of Rock, Pop & Rocking country AussieBeats - Noon - 3pm CET (sat Morning) Hosts Saphy & Deus with Live DJ Saphy doing her own mix of Rock & Pop from down under
  12. Celebrate with us one year TRANCE MISSION + the B-Day of Felia and AWahba
  13. The S.F.L.-STUDIOS FANTASY LABEL Family, is pleased to invite everyone for another party at 3dxChat. This time TRANCEGRESSION PARTY- THE BEGINNING - a party with lots of electronic Trance music. Come and travel with us, have fun with a lot of nice people, the sound of great dj's, with the dancers of the SIRENS group, and in an old fashioned room like the first version of 3dxchat. Host: AlexirFr. Join us and have fun. Gates open from 7:50 Pm / CET - 1:50 PM / EST- 29/06 La famille S.F.L.-STUDIOS FANTASY LABEL est heureuse d'inviter tout le monde à une autre fête à 3dxChat. Cette fois, TRANCEGRESSION PARTY - THE BEGINNING - une fête avec beaucoup de musique électronique Trance. Venez voyager avec nous, amusez-vous avec plein de gens sympas, le son de grands dj's, avec les danseurs du groupe SIRENS et dans une salle à l'ancienne comme la première version de 3dxchat. Animateur: AlexirFr. Rejoignez-nous et amusez-vous. Portes ouvertes à partir de 7h50 PM/ CET - 1h50PM / EST - 29/06 La famiglia S.F.L.-STUDIOS FANTASY LABEL è lieta di invitare tutti per un altro party a 3dxChat. Questa volta TRANCEGRESSION PARTY- THE BEGINNING - una festa con un sacco di musica elettronica Trance. Vieni a viaggiare con noi, divertiti con un sacco di persone simpatiche, il suono di grandi dj, con i ballerini del gruppo SIRENS, e in una stanza vecchio stile come la prima versione di 3dxchat. Ospite: AlexirFr. Unisciti a noi e divertiti. Cancelli aperti dalle 7:50 Pm / CET - 1:50 PM / EST-29/06
  14. The Trance Mission is back.... A evening full of Trance and PSY and we also have the wonderful Bare Bunnies there will come and dance for us all.. If you seek a great evening, with many wonderful people, so you should not miss this party.. AWahba, BackFire, Chloe and i Lexzia welcomes you all to this amazing party there will be hold in a brand new location. A club i have build and it's called "BlueCrystal" We hope to see you there..
  15. Hello everyone you all know im a trance lover n not many trance room open everyday that can provide live uplifting trance good lights so avis look nice pool so u chill n listen n ofc sex area with again cool lights to make graphics shine in their true potential n not be like cartoonish . So i build this club that i will Open everyday playing Trance mostly uplifting trance and from time to time special events with djs So this club will have dance area bars to chill n drink , sex area with awesome lights ,pool to chill relax n listen to music lets see a preview pic for my early build
  16. 01.12.2018 Club "Taboo" Trance music Festival Main event by Dj Drambou
  17. i´d like to announce this upcoming Party TRANCE ENERGY SATURDAY, 24.Nov 2018 9 pm CET at Club Paradiso
  18. AWahba

    I would Like to welcome you all to Our new Mission page A Mission that may reunite some Trance lovers in 3DX So cordially I want to invite you all to our First Mission 7:00 PM CET / 1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST So get prepared for some nice & great tunes Featuring DJs Starting with a special Guest Alivia from 7:00 to 8:30 AWahba from 8:30 to 10:00 BackFire from 10:00 to 11:30 Lexzia from 11:30 to 1:00 Duke from 1:00 to 2:30 Kinetic from 2:30 to 4:00 Hope to see you all there Click here for the invitation made by Lady AngelHeart https://ladyangelheart.wixsite.com/3dx-trance-mission
  19. Hello everyone so short storry is i dj in second life in a awesome club called hydra but u all know how much i love 3dx so i decided to bring this 2 hour set i have on second life here on 3dx n invite friends n trance lovers to dance n have fun . PS. it will be only 2 hours party every thursday i hope see you there n have fun with my music <3 Trance music is the air i breath <3
  20. hello we are close to saturday n saturday means Sex n lots of trance with surpise djs So bring ur best mood n have fun your way more info very soon
  21. GRAND OPENING CIELO DANCE CLUB Tuesday 17/07/2018 Doors open from 9:00 pm (CET) Come dance and enjoy the most varied styles of music, Disco Music, Rock, EDM, House, a room with Style and elegance, we look forward to you. DJ's Guests - WildHonney / Makkye / Oolisa. Hostess and Dj Bialaeti (Dj Biacat) GRAND OUVERTURE CIELO DANCE CLUB Mardi 17/07/2018 Ouverture des portes à partir de 21h00 (CET) Venez danser et profiter des styles de musique les plus variés, Disco Music, Rock, EDM, House, une salle avec Style et élégance, nous attendons avec impatience les invités de DJ - WildHonney / Makkye / Oolisa. Hôtesse et Dj Bialaeti (Dj Biacat) GRAN APERTURA CIELO DANCE CLUB Martedì 17/07/2018 Apertura delle porte dalle 21:00 (CET) Vieni a ballare e goditi i più svariati stili musicali, Disco Music, Rock, EDM, House, una stanza con Stile ed eleganza, ti aspettiamo Ospiti di DJ - WildHonney / Makkye / Oolisa. Hostess e Dj Bialaeti (Dj Biacat)
  22. Everyone are invited On Saturday, 9th June 2018 9PM CEST At The DESIRE ISLAND Party theme : All In colors !!! Dance, party, fun, meet and get new friends, hear wonderful music form some beautiful people and simply ENJOY THE NIGHT !! Party theme: All In colors !!! Djing Line : Elexir : 09.00 pm / 10.00 pm VikingWolf : 10.00 pm / 11.00 pm RyanPhoenix : 11.00 pm/ 12.00 pm Lexzia : 00.00 pm / 01.00 am Elexir : 01.00 am / 02.00
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