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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, I'm chloe. I have issue regarding gallery. When I click other people's gallery, something bad happens. Please take a look at what happens. Instead of showing pictures, it just shows red big blurred marks. How do I fix it? I'm playing it with macbook, by using bootcamp. Thanks.
  2. Dear players, A wonderful day is coming - December 6th. Our community will be 6 years old. To prepare for the holiday and make it more fun, we decided to hold a contest We invite everyone to take part in the photo contest "Show your 3DX love" Prizes (6 prize places) 1st place = 1 year of gametime2nd-3rd places = 6 monts of gametime4-6 places = 1 month of gametimeBonus: 6000 XGold for each participantRules Post your photo with text "I love 3DXCHAT" or "I3DXCHAT" (without quotes) in this topicYou can write the text on your body or paper, or wall, or print, or show it on the laptop scree
  3. Hello everyone! Thank you for reading this topic and a warm welcome. Who Is Me? - Antonio Valentini “Tony", graphic designer. I do this as a hobby & I have a passion doing it, especially when it's naughty What I have here? - A website I use as a gallery and station for art & naughty desires (with limits). Why I'm doing this? - I like designing, editing, making comics and I like to see people pleased, also to push art, artistes, and designers more forward. How this can be interesting for you? As a designer or artist Get your space for show and be recommended for the field you a
  4. I'd like to share pictures of amazing rooms I came across ingame. These are my personal favourites. I'm sure there are far more amazing rooms out there. as soon as I come across them, I'll post pictures here. A post will only show pictures of the same room, I won't mix in order to avoid confusion. I'd like to express my respect and admiration to those who are able to build places like these. Due to several reasons I will not share the names of the rooms or the room owners. However, if you're curious just pm me. Maybe I can tell the who and where.
  5. So I don't know if this a common issue or just on my end, but I'll try to upload a photo, and it seems like it's taking forever, but never actually uploads. Any ideas?
  6. 3DXChat Snapshot Contest - June 2016 Dear friends, we want to start a monthly 3DXChat Snapshot Contest. Post beautiful snapshots here and get prizes. Theme for this month is: Sex Other pictures are allowed, just know that you are way more likely to win if you stick to the theme! The winners will be picked by 4 judges that have been selected by me, i have done my best to make sure they are all from different "parts" of the game, they each get 4 votes(3 for the non edited photos and 1 for the photoshop photos) Any questions you might have about the competition, feel free to send them to me
  7. Most of you are probably unaware that I was a professional photographer in a past life... and now I'm bringing this knowledge to a studio near you! Come on down to Nyeh's photo emporium.. We've got vintage photos, b&w photos, funky photos, blurry photos, sharpened photos, textured photos, canvas art photos, head shots, leg shots, hand shots, boudoir photos, banging photos, cyanotype photos, mosaic photos, and last but not least... naughty photos! So if you suck at photoshop... and want something ...COOL COOL COOOOOOOOL... Come on down to Nyeh's picture warehouse! You won't be sorry. Post
  8. We've all had crushes on video game characters. What were yours!? mine: Chris redfield from resident evil (Although resident evil went to shit after 4, i still kind of liked how they kept his RE1 remake face >.>) Snow Villiers from FF13 (Terrible game though haaa )
  9. Hi, I made few screenshots of xxXBunnYXxx's and MISTYC's wedding so I thought I make a topic for them. If anyone else made a screens too please share them here ^^. (Damn you gift :D ) Anyway it was very nice wedding and awesome party afterwards .
  10. Hello 3DX Chat Community. Crazy, Sexy, Cool Events is bringing to you a 3DX Winter Fashion Show. (Small print(to be read quickly or skimmed) : Yes we know that there are limited clothing options, especially for the guys. But hey it is a party and we can use our imaginations. I have seen some ladies put some nice looks together) What we are looking for is a few members of the community to be one of the following: Models: We need about eight ladies and four guys for models. Designers: We are looking for three designers as we have three currently. Photographers: We would like to do a photo s
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