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  1. Club Matrix A.I.-3DX's , Matrix Monday~ Every Monday Event! 7PM EST Stay Tuned To Postings Here For Info On Each Monday's Event With Guest Live DJ'S, 3DX's Most Desirable Dance Team FLAUNT & An Fun, Exciting Atmosphere! Taking The Correct Pill & Entering The Machine! Answer The Phone, Wake Up To The Real World~! matrix monday poster.mp4
  2. Welcome to the Opal Star hosted by Captain AmyTrubblemaker and Commander Sinthea . All your futuristic needs brought here today! The Opal Star is a massive, fully realized, Interstellar Cruise Ship that roams the galaxy throwing party after party. The ship contains 4 internal venues which alternate depending on the theme of the week: Ballroom, The Mainframe, The Pool, and the Ängelhjärta Reactor Core. It also features a variety of amenities for lovers such as Massage room, medical examination room, a shuttle bay, public washroom, and aquarium with a dolphin, hot tubs, and deluxe privat
  3. United Independents TMF Summer Bodega Castle - Monday Evening Dance - 1 February 2021 Monday 1 February TMF Sumer Bodega Castle opens her doors for you at 20.00 H CET. With an amazing DJ line up starting live in the mix DJ Mariafun, Paulina, Silvie Sun and Nadouce Live on stage the dancegroups Flaunt and the TMF Dancers. Welcome all! Team TMF - CarlaLove - Paulina - Silvie Sun
  4. United Independents TMF Summer Bodega Castle - Monday Evening Dance - 18 January 2021 Monday 18 january TMF Sumer Bodega Castle opens her doors for you at 20.00 H CET. With an amazing DJ line up starting live in the mix DJ Amy La Rouche, Paulina, ShYva and Perrie 500. Live on stage the dancegroups Flaunt and the TMF Dancers. Welcome all! Team TMF - CarlaLove - Paulina - Silvie Sun
  5. Trubblemaker Skunkworks, a subsidiary of Trubblemaker Industries (bringing you the HMS Opal Star), presents the 890 JUMP: DJ Showcase and Party Boat! This is a non-regular event that happens when the Opal Star takes a break between episodic content updates. First, what is the 890 JUMP? (Name inspired by a Space Luxury Liner playable in Star Citizen) Concept: 3DX has many rooms that open regularly and with many DJs. We are now at the point where 1 hour slots are the norm and the prime hours for DJing to large crowds are filled up. What is not covered as well is the After Dark (Late
  6. United Independents TMF Summer Beach Club Monday Dance For the last time in 2020 TMF Summer Beach Club opens her doors for you on Monday December 7 th at 20.00 CET. With a top notch DJ line up, LilMarie, Paulina Invictuss and Silvie Sun. Live entertainment on stage The White Breeze Devil Dancers and Flaunt. Don't miss it: Welcome all!
  7. On monday November 23 th TMF Summer Beach Club meets the great dancegroups Flaunt and Moon for a monday evening dance! Doors open 20.00 H CET with a super DJ line up by Paulina - Desty - Silvie Sun and Perrie! Save the Date - We hope to see you monday evening! -- Team TMF --
  8. United Independents Monday TMF Summer Beach Club organises the second 'Meet' event. The first event was the BCA Event and we met Velvet during the event. Monday November 9 th we meet DVS, De Vier Schoonheden, a British - Dutch group in 3 DX. With the support of the dancegroups Flaunt and the Sunshine Girls, we hope to make a beautiful evening for you. DJ line up : Paulina - Perrie - Silvie Sun and Lizzy Welcome all !
  9. Time fly for sure and quite fast, been a year that we created beat foundry and enjoy our time with friends and spread that fun with all the 3Dx players, We created a lots of original events and assumed most of you enjoyed it, and after a short break we're finaly back ! this anniversary mean a lot to us and also will be the start for more events comming 🥳 \o/ So you're all invited to break that fucking game to his core, crashing or not \o/ 🥳 Ones of the finest DJs, will perform live for your ears and a hell of a fun time the night gonna be long so prepare the beers
  10. The Music Factory opens Saturday 3 oktober 2020 The Music Factory is a brand new music room in the game build by CybersinKatt. And this room will be hosted as a community room to meet, talk, dance and enjoy for all music lovers in 3DX by Silvie Sun and XCarlaLoveX. It is our intention to host this room for you once a month. The music themes will be varied. And the way in which we want to give substance to this event is a new way for us: We want to offer all DJs in 3DX a stage to let the guests of TMF hear their music !! We hereby invite DJs to register for the opening event
  11. Come join me and some great djs at Club Frost ALL WHITE PARTY September 19th at 2pm est time. We have TerryScrew, Zanok , JessicaX , DanyFr, DyllanD, CardnalCopia, and DJ Biffy The BareBunnies will be along for the exciting ride for entertainment. This is a all white event so put on ur best whites and come visit me at Club Frost!!! IMG_6655.MP4
  12. Mocha's Jazz Hive Club 1pm - 4pm CET Host & DJ MochaHunny with her own mix of JAZZ & R & B to entertain you and chill with her new venue in the Afternoon. Be different once in a while The Double D Sunday 4pm - 7.30pm CET Host & DJ's Davi & Vina, a mix of 80's, 70's, Pop, & Disco, at the Double D Club The Bistro, with The Sinful Synergy Dance Team. Poster by Paulina, Rockin Kats 7.30pm - 10pm CET Hosts & DJ's Kat & Elena with a Mix of Rock & Blues and more to rock the night away Blush 4pm - 7pm EST 10pm - 1am CET Host & DJ Miso, with DJ K
  13. Come See our new Rage with Live DJ Vlad in the mix in his new amazing venue BlackOut!! https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/26-events/2020/8/
  14. Saturday August 8 th: Your dance party on a saturday evening is back again! With SFL Dj's Stef DE, Dyllan D, Silvie Sun, Biacat, Zhanee and Dolcinakill in the mixxx! Live on stage the Sunshinegirls Don't miss it! Doors open 20.00 H CET
  15. Dj s Lisanal-Nalley-DyllanD-Spikey-Soralys-StefDE
  16. Studio Fantasy Label proudly presents the Dance EDM Night the SFL ArenA. Doors open at 20.00 H CET DJ's Stef DE, ZhaNee, Silvie Sun, Laeticat, Biacat en Dolcinakill will play there EDM for you. All welcome!
  17. Join us for what has become the Sunday place to party on 3DX Wear black and white. this week only , opening at 4 PM Eastern for a special 2 hour event followed by Sunday Glam beginning at 6 PM Eastern. VelvetMoon makes her Black and White DJ debut this week. This week 7 DJ's !! Black and White Sunday Glam , where the sexy beautiful people party on Sunday nights. See you there !
  18. Dear all, I would like to inform you about the reopening of the pool, under the old format I speak about old format since any good streamer will be welcome to play at the condition to accept requests and play live Concerning requests, I will kindly ask people to requests music matching the style played, knowing that i wish every style to be played during a party to please all ears. Last but not least, the Pool will remain a non sex room, nudity is of course accepted, nevertheless, I want to avoid colders and other serial moaners to
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