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  1. On Saturday, 16th of December a new club is coming to 3DXChat. MaaikeNL & my amazing wife Maria from the Bare Bunnies open their brand new Gʅαɱ CʅυႦ. A spectacular live DJ line-up, the bunnies on stage, a fantastic new room, sexy vibes, and happy people. Make sure not to miss it! Doors open at 20:00 CET / 2 pm EST Dive into the unique atmosphere and enjoy yourself. DJ line-up: 20:00 - 21:00 MɪssLᴀʀɪFᴀʀɪ 21:00 - 22:00 NᴇᴡOɴᴇ 22:00 - 23:00 GᴏᴀᴛSJ
  2. Caren

    3dx Haiku ♡

    3dx people I learn about far-flung lands And love the souls here ♡
  3. Hi everyone, New video here featuring the avatar from my previous video, Club Seduction. The video uses Kim Petras' song of same title, of course. Title: Throat G.O.A.T. Author: BookishBrew Date: December 2022 Link:
  4. A.I.-3DX Presents Our Most Heated Club Yet! Strip NIGHT Club nyx Monday(6/14/21) - 6 PM EDT A Nightclub, Strip Bar, & Gentlemen's CLUB All In One, Feast Your Eyes On The Incredible Sexy Flaunt Dancers On Stage, Feeding Your Desires, The Intense Atmosphere Driven By Tunes Flooding Not Only Your Ears DJ Line Up DJ MommaBear DJ REP DJ Jammin'Jamie 3DXs Most Creative, Desirable, Co-ed Dance Team! FLAUNT LIVE Strip NIGHT! Cum Fill Your Excitement & Enter Our Hot Spot onyx.mp4
  5. A.I.-3DX Presents Our Most Heated Club Yet! GRAND OPENING CLUB Onyx Friday (1/22/21) - 3 PM EST - 9PM CET A Nightclub, Strip Bar, & Gentlemen's CLUB All In One, Feast Your Eyes On The Incredible Sexy Flaunt Dancers On Stage, Feeding Your Desires, The Intense Atmosphere Driven By Tunes Flooding Not Only Your Ears 4 Special LIVE DJ Line Up DJ Kylan DJ Nafeera DJ Quantril DJ Jammin'Jamie 3DXs Most Creative, Desirable, Co-ed Dance Team! LIVE Strip NIGHT! FLAUNT Cum Fill Your Friday With Excitement & Enter Our Hot Spot
  6. bandicam_2020-12-03_15-42-12-380.mp4
  7. When the words don't come, say it with a song. Dedicate that special song to that special someone.
  8. CLUB AUSSIE BEATS ƬHƐ AUSSIƐ ƤRIƝƇƐSS, ƤLAƳIƝƓ ƬHƐ ƬUƝƐS ƳOU LOƲƐ ƬO HƐAR SATURDAY!!! ƐARƓASM ƜƖƬӇ Live DJ ƤRIƝƇƐSS SAƤHƳ Own mix of Rock & Pop from down under Guest Dances's Galaxxxy Club Time Zone Times: 11:00 am CET 8:00pm AEST 10:00 am GMT 6:00 am EST 7:00 am BRT 1:00pm MSK AUSSIE_BEATS_RADIO.mp4
  9. AussieBeats -11:30am CET (sat Morning) Hosts Saphy with Live DJ Princess Saphy doing her own mix of Rock & Pop from down under ( other times 8:30pm AEST, 5:30am EST, 7:30am BRT, 1:30pm MSK.) Aussie_Beats.mp4
  10. GRAND OPENING CARNIVAL PARTY xJohnWickx's room Dj Yamira & xJohnWickx LIVE MUSIC !!! DATE: 25/2/2020 TIME: 22:00pm
  11. Tonight 8pm Est Grand Opening The Landing Strip Lounge - With The Magic Man-Naughtiest,Sexiest,Tunes,of All Time Brand New Club All Your Favorite Sexy,Naughty-Tunes, with Sexy Dancers,and Fun. Join Me 8pm Est until the last person leaves. Hot!!! Hot!!!!! Hot!!!!! All Your Naughty Requests. No Colds Allowed and Please Be Respectful. Just have Fun. Feel The Magic!!!!!111
  12. COMING SOON TO 3DX!! Another Special Wet N Wild Night. The DATE: TUESDAY, May 15th, 2018 The TIME: 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) To MIDNIGHT(EST) ACTIVITIES: Beach Party fun with Minions, Kittys, Bunnys, Campfire couple area.. Sand Castle for PHOTO OPS, PHOENIX for PHOTO OPS DRAGONS for PHOTO OPS Many sexy areas for kissing, dancing, and *winks* all the other "stuff" we do here in 3DX OUR GUEST DJS and the LINEUP for the EVENING: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM, our fantastic OUT OF THIS WORLD DJ StarrFyre!! 7:30 pm to 9:00 PM, CARUS a great host, great DJ and all around Nice Guy! 9:00 to 10:30 pm, DJ Wild Honey, that Sexy Sassy Siren of Song. And to end the evening, the Incredible Magic Mike, Mike Burleigh From 10:30 until MIDNIGHT or until we drop down exhausted! SO Mark those calendars, PUT THIS DATE DOWN and come enjoy some great music, even by requests... with these wonderful Spinning Magicians of Music!!!
  13. Was bored and wanted to make some dark/sexy art from screens in-game Thought I would share it here! Thinking of making some more like this <3 Let me know what you think! X
  14. Mark Your Calendars And DO NOT MISS This Special Event!!!!! Coming Live to you on Thursday, March 15th, The sexy magical ladies of the Dragons of Fire will entertain you from 4:00 pm EST until 12:00 am EST (or Midnight) spinning tunes of all types and all genres. Here is our Line up:(all times Eastern Standard Time) Starting us off the out of this world DJStarrFyre from 4:00 until 5:pm Next up, from 5:00 until 6:00 The one and only awesome Achroí 6:00 to 7:00 is the addictive, DJWildHoney pouring some tunes and maybe honey, on you. 8:00 to 9:00 the multi talented, sexy, orgasmic DJLisa. 9:00 to 10:00 will be our awesome and funtastical, DJ Trena 10:00 to 11:00 we will be EnTranced by Asha *she is Amazing* And to end our FABULOUS evening is multi talented DJ MarMohan from 11:00 to Midnight. A Night To Remember. So come March 15th and get totally WET & Go WILD with us! AND THE PHOENIX!!!!!!!
  15. So ladies and gents, what's your favourite kind of lingerie? Curious to see what tickles people's fancies and what is popular amongst us folk. I personally love anything shear and figure hugging, but my favourite have to be open back bottoms (pic for reference)
  16. THE EDGE OF THIRTY SEXY GIRLS and T-GIRLS SEXY GAME NIGHT SUNDAY, December 4th 8-11 PM EST Come to THE EDGE OF THIRTY Club for a special GIRLS ONLY night of sexy fun, dancing, meeting others, and great sex. Sunday December 4th, from 8-11 PM EST (GMT -5). You will meet many of your friends and make new ones in the Club that night. Come and see just how sexy the questions can be that will help one thing lead to another in the Club. This special event is for all girls and T-girls and your girlfriends. We hope you will join the Club and become an EDGE OF THIRTY Club member. This event is for GIRLS/T-GIRLS ONLY. Guys, go dance in the Clubs while your girl has fun with us. She will return happy to you after the party ends.
  17. Hi everybody - kinda new here, but thought I'd post some of the work I do in 3d. I'll start a little tame, but hot nonetheless: (click for full res) Character's name is Erecura - goddess of death and rebirth. This 'aspect' of Erecura is a crewperson on a recon spaceship, where everything goes terribly wrong... but as you'll see if you keep checking this thread, she'll find herself in many situations, eras, dimensions: powerful, gentle, abusive, slave, killer, bringer of life. Backstory: In mythology, Erecura is is a goddess, married to Dis Pater, the Roman god of the underworld. She is based on Greek Persephone, having to do with death & rebirth, winter & summer, etc... Check out the images with full story on my blog: http://cheetachrome.tumblr.com/ It's a blog, so first chapter at the bottom, newest at the top
  18. Hello ladies and gentlemen, It is with great honor that I announce I'm sharing my room with everyone. The name of the room will be called Endless Dance Sex Club. I will be streaming music to the club but I encourage any electronic, dubstep, trance, and hip hop djs to contact me so that you too can share your musical talent. If enough djs do agree to play in the club, I may keep the club open longer so that you have more fun. Below are two posters. One is for the grand opening on 3dxchat 1.0 and another is on 3dxchat 2.0. Please feel free to check out the club website by clicking here. Please make sure to also check out the rules of the club located on the FAQ page here. Want to be invited to special events at the club in the future? Make sure to sign up for my VIP list which is located on the website. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> Please put your name and "EDSC question" as your subject. I look forward to seeing you soon! *UPDATED* We have a 125 song mix for our grand opening on 1.0!!
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